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How To Make Frozen Yogurt

8/17 14:34:05

How to Make Frozen Yogurt

Are you wondering how to make frozen yogurt by yourself at home too? Easy! But first read some information so that you know exactly what you do.

Here goes the big question!

What is a healthy dessert?

One of the most common questions for all people trying to eat healthy or start a diet to lose weight has always been “what is a healthy dessert?”. We define healthy or light dessert the one made with less fat and less sugar than the normal proportions.

In reality it might not be so correct to use the term healthy in front of the term dessert. It is widely known that fruits and vegetables are healthy. Everyday exercise is healthy. Is it possible that a sweet dessert is healthy too?

Well, there is no diet plan in the world that does not include sweets once in while. Following a strict diet without small intervals of indulgence leads most of the times to having stress and no good result can come out of it. So, no change can be seen. It is very important to eat right but also to spoil ourselves from time to time to keep things balanced. So it is better being able to control the ingredients used and know exactly what we eat to make it as healthy as possible.

A manufactured dessert is most certain to contain fats and a lot of sugar. Therefore the only way to diminish this “fat & sugar calorie damage” is preparing our desserts at home. Homemade frozen yogurt is an excellent answer to the question what is a healthy dessert, since it is full of proteins containing low fat or no fat at all but still we should be carefull with the amount we consume because it does contain sugars.

Frozen yogurt recipe

The most important ingredient for this healthy frozen yogurt recipe is yogurt of course, so it is crucial that it is of fine quality. All you need to do to make frozen yogurt is follow the steps below:

  • Whisk yogurt with sugar or other sweetener and make sure that it is well combined.
  • Then pour into your frozen yogurt machine and let it freeze according to the manufacturer’ s instructions.
  • If you like to have fruit flavored frozen yogurt add fruits and spices just a bit before the end of the process.

There are many toppings you can adds well. But try to avoid cookies, chocolate, waffles etc. and serve with fresh fruits or plain. That way you can have a healthy dessert with just over 100 calories per serving.

So take out your frozen yogurt machine and enjoy this hot but sweet summer!

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