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The perfect Six Pack Abs Diet

8/17 14:33:47

The \'perfect\' Six Pack Abs Diet

Is there such thing as a 'perfect' 6 pack abs diet? What diet is the best for getting a ripped body? In this article I will highlight some of the most important points when it comes to diet and I will also reveal some of the main principles I follow when with regards to my eating plan.

There are many types of diet these days; low carb, low fat, two day fasting, alternate day fasting etc. Its no wonder that people get confused and eventually end up quitting. The diet industry is huge and it is very easy to suffer from information overload if one is not careful.

If you want top quality six pack abs as quick as possible, It may be worth your while to continue reading this article to discover the most important diet principle that I follow on a regular basis to achieve visible abs. This by the way, is essentially a low carb diet. On face value it may appear extreme, however, it does get results fast. If you want an extreme physique, you need an extreme diet!

Rule 1. cut out carb food groups such as bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, tortillas, etc. For six days of the week you do not eat these food groups, except a small portion within 30 minutes after completing a workout.

Rule 2. Go easy on fruit and fruit juices. Fruit is high in natural sugars, so it is Important to watch how much fruit you eat. I usually stick to one piece of fruit a day and I completely avoid fruit juices all together. This is because juices are just as high as fruit in sugars but with the 'good bits' left out.

Rule 3. Eat plenty of veg, proteins and various types of beans. It is important to get plenty of protein for muscle growth. Also, because you are eating a lower carb diet, it is especially important to eat lots of veg. to help keep energy levels up. Eating a good amount of beans will also assist with this.

Rule 4. Drink lots of water. No explination is needed with this one. We all know water makes up the majority of our body, helps us detox and keeps us healthy. Also, did you know that sometimes our bodies confuse the feeling of thirst with hunger? Therefore, drinking plenty of water can help prevent you from overeating.

Rule 5. (the best rule) one day a week, eat and drink what you like. I usually try to make this a Saturday. There are no rules on this day. You deserve a treat so have what your heart desires. Cakes, fries, burgers, beer. The choice is yours. Get the cravings out of your system, and get ready for a fresh start for the next 6 day run.

If you you can combine the above, with an effective exercise regime, I have no doubt that you could achieve the body you have always wanted, complete with six pack abs. You can get in the best shape of your life, with a bit of action and dedication.

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