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How To Raise Your Metabolism

8/17 14:33:25

How To Raise Your Metabolism

When I started with my weight loss journey, I knew I needed to raise my metabolism. Some people are blesses with natural high metabolisms and others, like myself, have to work at training it to be higher. There are simple things you can do to boost your metabolism and keep it running throughout the day.

It used to irrate me to no ends that my husband can eat whatever he wants and it doesn't show at all. Naturally he has a super speed metabolism before he even works out. So for him he actually has to eat more because he burn food so quickly. I am completely on the other end of the spectrum. I have to watch what and how much I eat and work out harder. This is just a simple case of the genetic lottery.

Once I started working out within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning, I could tell that my metabolism was burning faster. This is the first trick I use to raise my metabolism. By lunch time, by stomach was already rumbling because I already had burned off all my breakfast calories.

Never skip breakfast or any other meals. After workouts you have to refuel your body. Have you every skipped lunch during a busy day? I have and personally I get tired and just want to go sleep somewhere. This is because my body was burning a ton of energy and I didn't eat to put energy back into my body. When you have no more energy to burn, you get tired and your metabolism will start slowing down.

The easiest way to raise your metabolism is something you already are doing, drinking water. For your next glass or bottle of water, make sure it is cold. The cold water shocks your body and your body then has to use more energy to warm it back up. Using the extra energy, raises your metabolism. If your not drinking the recommended amount of water, I would start. It has many benefits such as getting rid of water weight around your mid section.

The last easy way to rasie your metabolism is to stay active. When stairs are an open, use them. I usually park a little further back in parking lots so I have to walk more to get to the store. Take on of your breaks at work and walk around the building.

These are just a few natural ways that I learned how to raise my metabolism. Even though I wasn't blessed with a natural high metabolism, I have gotten it to work better for me by just changing a few daily habits. What works for you to raise your metabolism?

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