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Dr Phil Diet Plan - Lose Weight And Feel Great

8/17 14:33:13

Dr Phil Diet Plan   -   Lose Weight And Feel Great

If you're a fan of Dr. Phil, you likely already know he has come out with a new diet book called The 20/20 Diet. He took the latest in research and utilized experts on his team to come up with a 30-day plan to lose weight. The plan has 3 phases which are the 5-day boost, the 5-day sustain, and the 20-day attain.

He identifies 20 key foods that he incorporates in the plan that are designed to help your metabolism and make you feel fuller for longer. The key is to eat 4 times per day every 4 hours. The meal plans are provided, so you just have to choose your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack for the day.

I read the book and decided it was practical enough to start and hopefully finish. The ingredients were straightforward and the meal preparation didn't take much time at all. I liked how I could choose which recipes I wanted to make based on which foods I felt like eating at the time.

Of course exercise is involved. I don't think there's a plan to lose weight that doesn't involve working out. Especially if you're looking to sustain your weight loss. At least the cardio and resistance sessions are designed to be only about 30 minutes 5-6 days per week, and are maximized to give you maximum results. If you're really out of shape, then you can just begin by walking and building up from there.

Dr. Phil identifies 7 key reasons why people fail at dieting and not surprising are all psychological. This includes cravings. The Dr. Phil 20/20 Diet allows you once or twice per week to indulge in 100 calories, but only on an exercise day. At least this provides you with your chips or chocolate fix. This will help you continue your weight loss plan to success.

The cool thing is if you purchase the book, you get a code and can then download the mobile app for free that goes with it. This app will show you all the recipes and all the exercise plans. You can also keep track of your goals. I found I used the app when I went over to a friend's house to do the weight training. I just looked at the app and knew what to do when.

I like how this Dr. Phil diet book was an easy read, with the plan not sounding intimidating, which is why I chose to proceed with the diet. The recipes were simple and didn't involve any counting of calories. I found that I had more energy and felt toned after this Dr. Phil diet plan.

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