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Does TV Make You Fat?

8/17 14:33:06

Have you ever noticed that all fat people watch TV? Think for a minute, have you ever known one who didn't? We're used to thinking most Americans are overweight. Most of them also watch a lot of television. Is it just a coincidence? Many studies show that watching television strongly correlates with weight gain. Let's find out the surprising reasons why.

Does TV Make You Fat?

How could an electronic device make you fat? Does your widescreen Sony have magic powers? Not at all. But overt and subliminal behavior modification from both programming and advertising leads viewer to eat more of the high calorie junk foods advertised. And the sedentary lifestyle required to watch television means extra pounds around your middle and the health negative consequences that go with them.

Long periods of sitting in the evening, especially for sedentary office workers, lead to a drop in metabolism, even when you are active. As you body morphs to higher fat and lower muscle composition, your base metabolism drops again. You just have less muscle which burns calories at a higher rate while parked in front of the tube or sweating to the oldies with Richard Simmons.

Does TV Make You Fat Because of Sleep Deprivation?

Sleep deprivation and sleep interruption both create stress hormones which cause your body to "prepare" for disaster by holding on to fat. Do you have a TV in your bedroom? Do you leave it on for "white noise" or let Matt Lauer wake you up? Do you stay up later than planned to watch Jay Leno's monologue, then feel tired in the morning because you really needed a full seven or eight hours of sleep?

Human beings sleep best in totally dark, noise-free rooms that are used exclusively for rest and intimacy. Falling asleep with a television on disturbs the sleeping room with noise, light and electromagnetic radiation. It's hard to reach the deepest levels of sleep which your body cells repair themselves.

Does TV Make You Fat Because of Advertising?

Moreover, television programming is now mostly overt commercials and product placement promoting things you don't need. Your favorite stars are shown drinking Diet Coke or using an iPad so that you want to, too. Watching these right before bed or "listening" while sleeping is not restful. In fact, in makes you feel deprived of these items and releases more stress hormones which lead to weight gain.

If TV Makes You Fat Will Stopping Make Me Thinner?

Surprisingly, yes, health studies show that beginning in childhood those that watch less or no television are significantly thinner. If you're not watching TV, you are reading (which uses more calories than passively listening), doing craft projects, walking your dog, at the gym, kissing your partner or just about anything else than burns more calories. You don't crave junk food you never heard of. Plus you sleep better in the quiet, noise-free room and thus generate less fat-hugging stress hormones.

Take the TV-Free Challenge! Unplug it for a week and be amazed how much free time you have. Then fill that time with fun, friends and fitness. You'll never want to plug it in again or pay another cable bill!


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