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So, You Want To Burn Fat Fast?

8/17 14:32:36

So, You Want To Burn Fat Fast?

Probably every diet plan you come across tells you that you need to do aerobic exercise to burn fat fast. And I'm sure you feel like saying, I know that already. But what they usually don't tell you is that you also need to incorporate strength training, known as anaerobic exercise.

While it's true that you need both types of exercise to make sure you are very healthy, there is another reason you want to add strength training. Everyone knows that aerobic exercise causes you to burn fat.

What is not as widely know, or at least emphasized in diet plans, is that strength training causes your muscles to increase in size. Larger muscles require more energy to function properly; therefore they burn more fat in the process.

Actually, larger muscles burn more energy even when at rest. Therefore, you get a double boost to your fat burning than only doing aerobics.

You also need to keep in mind is that as you continue with weight training, your muscles will get larger, and larger muscles weigh more. Thus you are likely to get leaner, but the scale may show little or no change in your weight. You may even show an increase in weight!

But then again, isn't your true goal, not just to lose weight, but actually to burn fat? That's what is going to give you a great improvement in your appearance.

Just in case women who are reading this get concerned about becoming all built up like a bodybuilder, this is very unlikely to happen.

In order to achieve the kind of muscle size that bodybuilders seek, you have to engage in incredibly strenuous exercise routines, and employ special diets to support the muscle gains they want. For the average person using both aerobic and anaerobic exercises, this is not going to happen.

Needless to say, you need to consult with your doctor before you begin an exercise regimen as described above.

But you will be pleasantly surprised with the results you achieve. You will succeed in burning fat fast, while at the same time you improve your appearance.

Women will achieve a shapely figure with lean, well defined muscles that give them that envied appearance of professional athletes.

Men, depending on the level of exercise activity they undertake will at least have the lean, muscular appearance of athletes that engage in sports where speed is a key factor in their success. Or they may get closer to the more muscular appearance of athletes engaged in a sport that requires more strength than speed.

Whichever route you take in your exercise routine, you should also keep in mind that in addition to your dramatically improved appearance, by using both aerobic and anaerobic exercises, you will make great improvements in your overall health.

While we all want to improve and maintain good health, there is no denying that most people will be absolutely thrilled by the incredible improvement in their appearance.

They will no longer dread the coming of summer and trips to the beach; they will be anxious to literally shock and amaze their friends with their new figures and physiques.

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