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Five Day Weight Loss Diet Venus Factor Review

8/17 14:32:16

Five Day Weight Loss Diet Venus Factor Review

5 Day Weight Loss Diet Day 1 - Breakfast: a glass of water, half a glass of water, then you're still hungry, a glass of water after an hour or so.

Lunch: Today forbidden to eat lunch but with no more than two glasses of water to drink.

Dinner: two cups of water and half a teaspoon of toothpaste (if you do not eat from that disgusting taste a glass of water).

5 Day 2 Day Weight Loss - Breakfast: At least forty minutes of hard-boiled eggs wrapped in double-shell and a glass of water (you can drop two drops of lemon). Then make your daily exercise (135 pushups, 400 sit-ups, and one thousand five hundred round 300 somersault rotation in your own environment with fast speed, resulting in a mess that you can throw, it is a desirable state).

Lunch: Half a kilo of veal chops Teflon pan by adding a little water and cook without oil after beautifully, 0.2 grams of bran bread crust, thoroughly cooked meat you can eat, keeping the steam for about 2 seconds. Do not overdo addition of water to drink. You can drink up to seven glasses.

Dinner: Four pieces of parsley leaves, wrapped in the packaging of fresh cheese consumed. Please if you are forcing it on. Then drink plenty of water.

5 Day Weight Loss Diet Day 3 - Breakfast: you'll probably find it difficult to get up for breakfast this morning, you're not bringing happen.

Lunch: Bake for 10 minutes in olive oil. But do not touch. If you love it, see 10 more minutes than a tank of water.

Dinner: 1.5 grams of boiled chicken meat 3-5 times you chew and spit it out immediately. Do not you dare swallow! Of course then you came and a few bottled water to drink.

5 Day 4 Day Diet Weight Loss - Breakfast: Inside the water and thanks to nutritional deficiency due to impaired bladder during the night, not just your bed, carpets and curtains can dampen even the morning hours will be spent cleansing. If you do not "I do not have the strength to cleaning" If you say, a few centimeters from one end of the dry sheets you can eat a portion.

Lunch: If you happen to find a kitchen, nettle at the water boiling, cooling, try drinking. This will cut all your cravings. Stinging nettle or a handful of glass nail sees the same thing. You'd better alone.

Dinner: This evening, our body of toxins (poisons) more comfortable to lie at least three will drink a laxative pill. Of course we do not forget our water barrels for at least two next laxative pills or castor oil (at least 5 cups) of water to drink. Then you can eat what you want, it does not matter.

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5 Day Weight Loss Diet Day 5 - Breakfast: After last night's dinner menu this morning, more thorough cleaning is required. But I would recommend you to escape from the room immediately (if the night choking). Probably the pin will be the place to go. Therefore, you will not have breakfast this morning.

Lunch: If you stay in your power to reach the phone, probably at noon, you will be connected serum. This day will take care of your lunch serum components, do not be alarmed.

Dinner: In the evening, you'll probably be on the street (which takes you to the hospital in an ambulance attendant, immerse you for all ambulances should be tossed out of the car).

Y is not money you cannot go in for a burger or something. So I find you have plenty flowing stream dip your head and I would recommend that you drink plenty of water. Yes, now you have come to the end of this amazing diet. If you're still alive, you need to be about 15-18 pounds. You probably will also need to be hospitalized for a month. But our goal is to lose weight when everything actually worth.

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