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Why Weight Loss So Hard

8/17 14:31:59

Why Weight Loss So Hard

Fast Weight loss program

Nowadays people want that everything happens as fast as possible. So it is also with losing weight. Everybody want rapid weight loss tip or program. They look after the best way lose weight fast.

U.S.News&World Report has evaluated the most popular diets and the most general response from readers was that diets don't work, and that seemed to be true for even the top ranked ones.

So what's going on? Why the diet programs don't work? Next we're going to present the most usual reasons for weight loss failure.

Diets are Too Restrictive

When people want to lose weight rapidly, the only chance to do it is going on very strict diet. It means that the diet mostly is quite one-sided. For example the Atkins Diet removes carbohydrate calories and replaces them with a lot of protein.

If you're going to eat a lot of protein and don't want starve all the time, you're likely to hog mainly animal products, especially red meat.

At first it sounds and feels good, but after few weeks people get bored with the diet. Carb cravings intensify and the temptation to eat fresh baked breads and pasta becomes increasingly hard to resist.

Most of weight loss diets seems to work at the beginning. The issue isn't losing weight but it's keeping it off and it requires a long-term goals. You have to ease your diet plan and start off slowly.

Allow yourself time to adjust and remember this isn't a race. It took time to gain the weight, and it will take time to lose it, especially if you want to keep it off.

Setting unrealistic goals

Having a clear vision of what your weight loss goals are is critical to your success. Many people give up on their weight loss goals because they expect results quickly and the truth is that the results take time and perseverance. To get your goals realistic you have to set achievable short -term goals that still push your comfort zones.

Steps for Setting Goals

Goals are important because they help you focus your time and energy on the areas that count. To set yourself up to succeed, your goals should be:

Short term and specific. Specify exactly what you plan to do by tomorrow or next week. Say "I'm going to walk 25 minutes after dinner every evening this week," rather than "I'm going to exercise."

Trackable. Use a diary to track your progress in a visible way.

Positive. Say "I will" rather than "I won't." Negative goals make you feel deprived instead of making you feel good about your successes.

Personal. Don't try to lose weight to please or impress others. Learn to be the center of your own life.

Rewarding. Recognize each small victory. They are your building blocks for long-term success.

Realistic. In order to achieve long-term success, you have to find goals you can live with and incorporate into your daily schedule.

The Diet don't Address Your Metabolism

People can even regain more weight than they lost in some conditions. Cutting calories forces a metabolic shift toward energy storage. Body serves as a signal to the gene called lipoprotein (LPL). When activated LPL stores fat instead of burning it.

One reason for that is the situation when people are continuously on diet and off diet(yo-yo dieting). If you have a history of yo-yo dieting when you're losing weight and then gaining it back again. Your body will have learned to be as efficient as possible with food.

It means that you'll burn fewer calories when at rest and when you overeat. You body will store as much fat as possible, fearing the next "starving" when you diet again. This make it harder and harder to lose weight and keep it off.

It might also happen because of hormonal imbalances. There are unique and common imbalances to men and women that weight-loss diets don't address and these maybe the reason for failure.

Not Counting Calories

When we plan a diet and weight loss, we have to remember one irrefutable fact:

A calorie is the measure of energy we gain from food. To lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume. So the easiest and simplest method for diet is by cutting calories and counting the amount of your daily calorie consumption versus the amount you're burning calories through metabolism and exercise.

The mantra of calories in /calories out, of energy balance as the key to weight loss is well understood , but many of us don't know the fact that calories are not created equally.

Some calories make you fat, some calories make you thin. What we know now is that any food that spike insulin; sugar, flour, grains, fruit and beans, trigger a shift in your metabolism.

What does insulin do ? It drives all the fuel in your blood from the food you just ate into your hungry fat cells, and then your body thinks you're starving though you just ate a giant bagel.

The effect of that is your body thinks you're starving and increase your hunger and slow your metabolism. This make a big difference between different " good" and "bad" nutrients

on your diet's food list. That make your diet, and diet plan a little bit more complicated.


As you've noticed, losing weight, or precisely losing weight permanently, isn't such an easy thing to do. You have to struggle with you diet plans and goals, with your mental issues like willpower, body image etc. with the large amount of different "diet offers" from which to choose the best program suitable for you.

If we believe newest reviews and some proven evidence which they've given to us, there's only few diet programs which are quite easy to follow and isn't too restrictive that one can "survive" for a longer time without failing.

One of these is the Paleo Diet. The main benefits of Paleo Diet are the combination of nutrients on diet: vegetables, fruits, nuts and seed and moves your body from carb-burning engine into fat-burning engine.

The diet consists of so called "good calories" and you don't be worried much about counting calories and so you can eat so much you're no more hungry.

The healthiness of Paleo Diet is medically proved because of corn, wheat and dairy are at or near the top of most medical allergy lists and these nutrients don't include on Paleo diet. Surely you can find good substitutes for these nutrients.

If you're interested to try this diet, I will recommend you a thirty days Paleo Diet program which comprehends the all necessary you need starting Paleo Diet. The program is called Paleo Restart.

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