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Green Coffee Weight Loss Benefits

8/17 14:31:35

Green Coffee Weight Loss Benefits

Diet with green coffee is another in a series of popular trendy diets. It has tones of public attention in America and Europe. News are coming from many big TV stations ( CNN, CBS, MS NBC, Dr. Oz ... ) about success stories, people who used green coffee as a dietary supplement and loss more than 50 pounds in couple of months.

Green coffee - what kind of diet is it?

But what is actually green coffee diet? does it make sense and is there any scientific basis? I will try to explain that in this article .

When someone telly you green coffee diet, and that you can lose weight using green coffee, your association would be -- a fine drink , aromatic coffee , preferably with milk and sugar , and it works - melting fat. Facts are actually saying something entirely else . The diet with green coffee is not that kind of diet, warm refreshing drink with added milk and sugar can that can help you to lose weight. Green coffee is taken as a dietary supplement in the form of capsules , tablets , powders or potions with green coffee .

So, forget about the image you 're maybe mapped in your head : finely minced ( green ) coffee , topped with hot water and milk that melts your fat.

What is Green Coffee?

In principle, we distinguish between two kinds of coffee: Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora, a common name for those two types of coffee are: Arabica and Robusta. Most extracts of green coffee beans that are used in such supplements are exactly the type of robusta belongs.

If we look at the chemical composition of coffee beans, it contains> 50% carbohydrates, 10-18% lipids (including significant diterpenic components:, cafestol, kahveol, 2-3% and 7-10% caffeine klorogenic acid.

Green Coffee

Many scientific studies have demonstrated the antioxidant ability of green coffee and their positive impact on human health. First of all, it means a protective effect on cell damage and organ systems such as cardiovascular.

How does green coffee burn fat?

Active substances in extracts of green coffee - antioxidant substances - chlorogenic acid, and acid kafeoilkinic, affecting carbohydrate metabolism, acting to inhibit the active absorption of glucose, as well as one of the key enzymes in the liver to regulate the level of blood sugar - glucose-6-phosphatase. Specifically, this enzyme is responsible for signaling the release of glucose into the bloodstream from glycogen stores (glycogen - stored glucose ) in the liver.

The effects on metabolism that are achieved , are therefore the following :

a) Direct effects:

inhibitions of glucose release from liver.

inhibition of active absorption of glucose in the intestines ( the passive absorption is not stooped )

b) Indirect effects:

because of inhibition of metabolism of carbohydrates ( inhibition of glucose release form liver ) when the body needs the energy, it burns fats. ( because of inhibition of glucose, the blood levels of glucose are low, so the body takes the energy from fat tissue. )

Success stories and studies about green coffee?

Actually the biggest success story comes from my county, Croatia. 36-year -old Paul from Pula defeated all by losing 53 pounds in less than two mounts!

In one interview that i reed in one of our Croatian magazines Paul sad:

"It seemed to me that my body is a machine for burning calories - my belly was getting every day smaller, and after long time i could see my muscles that where covered with fat most of my life."

"After 8 weeks, I lost 24 pounds and now i definitely look a few years younger. I can wear all the fashion clothes and feel attractive ... I am filled with positive energy and life is 10 times better."

Second thing that was weary interesting for me was seeing Dr. Oz talking about green coffee: "Green coffee bean extract has been touted for its weight-loss benefits. To learn more about how and if it works, The Dr. Oz Show conducted its own experiment."

Results of Dr. Oz s experiment:

In two weeks, the group of women who took the green coffee bean extract lost, on average, two pounds. However, the group of women who took the placebo lost an average of one pound – possibly because they were more aware of their diet for that two weeks because of the required food journal.


As with many other popular diets, this one does not emphasize the importance of physical activity for reducing fat. Physical activity is extremely important, in order to stimulate energy consumption and thereby stimulation of lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation, for the use of fat as energy.

For people with liver failure, it is not advisable to consume green coffee, due to the mode of action klorogenic acid acting on the hepatic enzyme system.

Diabetics (type 1), ketogenic diets and diets poor in carbohydrates can lead to health problems and to the risk of hypoglycemia.

At the end of this article, in case you decide to go into a program of reduction of body fat using ingredients of green coffee, collect all information you can get about green coffee, and than decide for you self!

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