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How To Use A Portable Infrared Sauna To Lose Weight

8/17 14:31:18

How to Use A Portable Infrared Sauna to Lose Weight

You want to lose weight but you do not have a lot of time to work out and dieting is something that you can never stay with for very long. What do you do?

This article will explain how you can lose weight without lifting a finger to work out or dieting by using a portable infrared sauna.

Sitting inside an infrared sauna can lose up to 300 calories every 30 minute settings. Imagine watching television and losing weight at the same time.

This is really happening for hundreds of people. But what does an infrared sauna do that makes you lose weight?

Infrared saunas produce infrared heat that is absorbed into the body 2 inches beneath the skin. This radiant heat then creates a monster sweat that releases embedded toxins inside your body. Once your body temperature increases the body naturally will cool itself off by perspiring.

Also the infrared heat will cut through cellulite and melt fat that is stubborn and hard to lose.

Infrared saunas have two types of heaters one is ceramic and the latest heater is carbon. Both give your body infrared heat but since carbon is more modern it produces a more even heat that will heat your entire body.

Now that you know how infrared saunas can help you lose weight lets now consider how to use a portable infrared sauna for weight loss.

Always drink plenty of water to increase your perspiration. You should even drink water while sitting inside your sauna for better perspiration. Set your sauna where you can enjoy 30 minutes or longer uninterrupted, maybe in your TV room or your bedroom.

Next set the temperature for a minimum of 130 degrees for maximum sweat. The saunas can go as high as 140 degrees. Next set the timer for the number of minutes that you want. I highly suggest you sit for 30 minutes or longer.

Finally just climb into the sauna and allow the radiant heat to do it’s job. Most portable saunas come with a small chair for you to sit inside however many people find these small chairs uncomfortable so just replace it with one that you feel is better.

While sitting inside the sauna keep a towel handy because when the sweat starts pouring you will need to wipe it away to remove the toxins that are inside your sweat.

Finally after your timer goes off, jump right into the shower to remove all the toxins from re-entering inside your body. Also wash your hair very good because you do not want the toxins to sit on the top of your head and inside your hair follicles.

After the shower, just relax with a nice cool drink of water to mellow out. Pat yourself on your back because you have just completed a weight loss workout with a portable infrared sauna that did not hurt you or require you to exert yourself. Now repeat this process everyday or at least every other day and watch the weight just melt away.

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