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How Can I Get A Body Like Rihanna?

8/17 14:31:10

How Can I Get A Body Like Rihanna?

Rihanna is one of the biggest star's in the music industry at this very moment. She has won over 180 awards world wide including best female artist, best international act and sexiest female alive awards. The list can literally go on forever. Being in the limelight many women look to Rihanna as a role model and a inspiration. It's no doubt that many women would crave to have a body like the Bajan babe so they ask the question how can i get a body like Rihanna

You may not have seen the picture to which is above in this article but Rihanna posted this picture via her twitter account. This picture goes to show just how dedicated she is to the gym as it shows her in her bikini on a piece of gym equipment ( a cross trainer is a very good piece of equipment by the way). This picture was tweeted whilst on holiday! in sunny Hawaii. Now that is true dedication right there. It has been revealed by her personal trainer that the Bajan superstar will usually work out at least 3 times a week working out for 25minutes a session. So in perspective she works out for an 1hr and 15 minutes a week. I am pretty sure we could all fit that in our hectic week can we not? Which will bring me on to my next point coming up.

Anyway her personal trainer said that Rihanna will do the lot cycling, stationary jogging, skipping and jumping jacks, all which is part of a cardio program. He goes onto add that most of her exercises will be done in her hotel room or backstage at one of her many shows before it begins show that she can squeeze her exercise program into her hectic schedule. So to be quite frank, there should be no excuses if you really want to get a body like her's. Many people complain that they just don't have the time to fit an exercise program into their life at the moment. Personally I think it is lack of self belief, motivation and dedication.

After Rihanna scooped the best international female artist awards at last month's Brit awards by the way for the second time running and also being named sexiest woman alive. Every woman want's a body like her's. As I have mention above, I believe their is 3 things you need to archive it

  1. Dedication: You need to dedicated yourself to an exercise program that suits you. Remember before starting an sort of exercise program, you should consult your doctor or GP
  2. Motivation: Write down a list of reason's why you want a body like Rihanna, use the list to fuel your motivation and help you to achieve your goal
  3. Self belief: Probably the most important point. You must believe in yourself, never ever tell yourself that this is impossible. Don't cry to give up, cry to keep going, get a reward from it because you deserve it.

Rihanna's current body was not a gift from god, it was from hard work and dedication. I will be writing more articles related to how can i get a body like Rihanna so keep a look out. I hope you have enjoyed reading.

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