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Get Fit With Weight Loss Diet Plan

8/17 14:31:06

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit in a busy scheduled chaotic life is easier than you think. Getting fit with weight loss diet plan is more of an alternate approach to the conventional eat less and exercise hard regime. This article is a aimed at more of the average person busy with everyday chores and not a fitness freak or a gym junkie who pave their own road to fit body and are in a league of their own. With Getting fit with Weight Loss Diet Plan, I help the everyday busy city people who are forced to spend a large amount of time sitting on a chair than any other physical activity, the schedule packed mothers who have to look after their husband as well as their children, just before starting their daily routine.

The getting fit with Weight Loss Diet Plan mostly focus of keeping the body fit and trim by method of simple diet plan rather than rigorous exercise regimes. Any person with any busy schedule can easily follow the plan for fitter and a healthy body.

The first and foremost cardinal rule of Getting fit with Weight Loss Diet Plan or any dieting plan for the matter is the king of all meals THE BREAKFAST. Any person conscious about health must not at any point of time “AVOID BREAKFAST”. It is understood that we all have really busy schedule, but the most important activity at the beginning of the day is our breakfast. As we are concerned about losing weight, it is advisable to have healthy high-fibre breakfast to kick start our weight loss. A simple but a very effective breakfast is our OATMEAL topped with fibrous fruits like apple, pears and nuts like walnut, almonds and cashews etc. Please try to avoid sugary fruits like banana to accelerate the process. Another alternative is whole wheat bread or preferably sour-dough bread with peanut butter or low fat cottage cheese. Both peanut butter and cottage cheese are good sources of protein which indirectly aids in losing weight. And by breakfast it means it hast to be taken before 9AM and not 11AM. With breakfast at appropriate time, your body is kept off starvation. Starvation slows down your metabolism and accumulates fat.

Now on to the most overlooked snack time. In this Getting fit with Weight Loss Diet Plan, I have to stress a bit on mid meal snacks. This is a close kept secret of many fit and healthy people. The mid meal serves two purposes. First they keep you filled and you will not indulge at lunch but can have just the amount required by your body. Secondly, they keep your body away from starvation, which aids in fat burning. Stick with low calories crackers and biscuits. Candy bars are a big NO NO for weight loss. Ideally mid meal snacks can be had at 10.30AM to 11.30AM and 3PM to 4PM.

Now onto lunch, this is fairly easy, if you have had your mid meal snack, you are not starved and your cravings are curbed. Always have a slightly less than whole lunch. Please note that you are trying to lose weight and not maintain. In order to lose weight, always have lesser than average calorie intake. Reduce carbohydrates and substitute them with more leafy and fibrous vegetables.

Now with getting fit with Weight Loss Diet Plan we come to another very important meal time the supper or dinner. This is where our will power is tested. After a hard day’s work, every human feels it is fitting to have a lavish dinner. Fill up to the brim and then have a good night sleep. This habit alone can make any of your weight loss efforts go in vein. In fact the calorie intake has to be at its minimum at night, just sufficient enough to prevent starvation. Also stick with limited quantity of high fibre carbohydrates, lean meat and generous amount of leafy vegetables to fill you up without the calories.

I hope that with Getting fit with Weight Loss Diet Plan, I have give you sufficient ideas to kick start your healthy food habits to keep you fit and enjoy a long and healthy life

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