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The Coffee Diet Hype - Does Drinking Coffee Help With Losing Weight Fast?

8/17 14:30:32

The Coffee Diet Hype - Does Drinking Coffee help with Losing Weight Fast?

Oh that rich aroma which fills many a house on a morning. You know what I’m talking about: none other than coffee. Nothing beats that smell. I feel sorry for non-coffee drinkers, for they are truly missing on a marvelous experience. I came across coffee as a student at university, having to submit dissertations that were due in less than 12 hours, and having to pull all-nighters studying for exams. Let’s face it, the java bean deserves its rightful place as the king of legally acceptable drugs, more specifically stimulants.

Now, there seems to be a link between coffee and weight loss. i would definitely attest to that. Go to the back of any weight loss supplement, and what do you see: caffeine extracts. It could be in the form of ground coffee, or caffeine anhydrous.

As you may or may not know, coffee is just one source of caffeine. There’s the Guarani fruit, and also the kola nut, and lets not forget green tea. Now back to the coffee diet and whether it works or not.

I stumbled upon the coffee diet quite by accident. I had run out of my thermogenic fat loss and weight loss supplements, and I was broke at the time, so I decided to resort to good old instant coffee as my pre workout drink to stimulate my metabolism. At first, I thought that it would be ineffective, but I said what the heck, and drank a big cuppa coffee with 2 teaspoons, black, no sugar, thirty minutes before my workout. During those thirty minutes, I decided to get some work don on my laptop. I usually time myself, but this time I conveniently forgot, taking the cup of coffee for granted. After about an hour passed, I started feeling my heart rate increasing, and the sudden itch to get up and get physical. At first I was a bit bewildered, but then I remembered I drank a double espresso shot of coffee. The effects I felt were quite similar to the effects of many fat burning and pre workout supplements, minus the mood enhancing and muscle-sparing effects.

One thing I observed with regards to the effects of coffee on the metabolism is that not all cups of coffee are made the same. I’m referring here to the additives placed within the coffee such as sugar and milk for added taste. The reality is that coffee on its own has a minimal caloric count. But when sugar, milk, cr�me and a whole assortment of additional ingredients are added to the coffee, it’s almost like eating a small breakfast.

So my experiment started with a cup of coffee with the whole shebang; milk, cr�me, sugar etc. I waited about an hour for the effects to kick in, but they weren’t as pronounced as my experience with the straight black coffee. The following morning I tried the coffee without milk, but with sugar. After an hour, I was itching to start exercising. I had a good workout session, but the crash came. If this did not happen with the straight cup of black coffee, then the sugar was the responsible culprit for the crash. Hence, my experiment with the coffee diet was born. I ensured that I drank a double espresso shot of black coffee before my workout, and the coffee with milk and sugar after my intense workout to replenish the nutrients, along with a banana or two.

The only complaint I have about the double shot straight black coffee is that sometimes I might drink the coffee, and get a headache. I realized that was more evident when I drank the coffee on an empty stomach. To counteract that, I would sometimes eat a banana with the coffee.

I highly recommend the coffee diet combined with the liquid diet and intense cardio training for rapid weight loss. The coffee diet requires that you drink 3 cups of coffee daily, and the liquid diet recommends that you drink smoothies and shakes initially while on the diet, until you body can handle fluids only. It is recommended that you stay on the diet for a few days at first, taking a break in-between to assess your tolerance, and resuming the diet with extended periods.

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