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What Foods Are Best For Losing Weight?

8/17 14:30:17

What Foods Are Best for Losing Weight?

Sometimes there is more to things than a simple math equation. There is also more to things than some buzz words and magical remedies to all your problems. There is no one food that will make you lose weight. The very idea is absurd! The key to living a good life is balance. Balance your time with friends and loved ones with time for working on yourself and your goals. Balance your time spent working hard with time spent playing hard. Balance your life and you will experience good mental health. There is absolutely no reason why this would not apply to your body as well. But it gets a little more complicated when the body and the mind meet. If you want to know what foods are best for losing weight, do not look at the separate parts, instead look at the combination as a whole. In other words, remember the "s" in "foods".

There are three major macronutrients that you must take into consideration. These are carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Each of these have many variations and many different functions in the body.

Carbs are a staple of the modern diet. They can be found heavily in breads, other pastries, and many processed. They are the most lenient macro- although it has been put forward that carbs should be kept relatively low to have more balanced insulin levels.

Fats do not make you fat. They get broken down in your stomach like anything else. You need healthy fat and some saturated fat in order to have optimal hormone levels. The best part about fat is that it takes forever for your body to break down leading to a slow release of energy that lasts for hours.

Protein also takes a long time to break down into energy. The main goal of protein is to regenerate and grow body tissue. Weight lifters take in a lot of protein to help them build the most muscle they can manage after every workout. 80 grams of protein a day is plenty. Be careful that you do not take too much because you could develop painful kidney stones.

Additionally, there are many micronutrients(vitamins and minerals) that are required to function properly. If you miss out on these, you will be bitterly disappointed with your weight loss progress. You may also develop mild forms of rickets, scurvy, etc., etc. If you are eating whole foods balanced for macronutrients, micros should not worry you. It never hurts to take a vitamin now and then, however.

Always remember that a good diet plan is one that is balanced nutritionally. Beyond that, you can play around with the calories just slightly. Doing too much will do more harm than good.

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