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The Good The Bad The Ugly About Carbohydrates

8/17 14:30:02

The Good The Bad The Ugly About Carbohydrates

The way people eat today is an alarming subject. One of the major problems is are consumption of carbs(carbohydrates). More importantly is the simple carbs we are getting from today's foods. Getting carbs is something we need in are diets. Carbs are what give are bodies energy and have been with us for a long time. So we need them to function throughout are day. The problem is that there are different carbs. Some of these carbs are good,some are bad and there are certain carbs we should stay completely away from.

The way we celebrate today has an amazing impact on the way we eat, more importantly what we eat. Our holidays and events are geared around food. These events would not be the same without these foods,dessert and treats. We have become accustom to these foods that are high in sugar, fat, and salt. We see these foods all around us, they are everywhere.

These bad and ugly carbs are developed from processed and refined foods. Foods that are not naturally made such as desserts, candy,cookies,chips,snacks,doughnuts,brownies and muffins. These foods have a very high content of sugar, fat and salt. Worse is the chemicals that are used in these foods because they are cheaper and easier to manufacture. Processed and refined food is a giant industry today.The reason is because they can make products that taste the same but are cheaper to produce and manufacture.These carbs are considered simple carbs because they have no nutritional value to the body.They have a high calorie count and are bodies burn them up to fast. Thus being very dangerous because shortly after eating these carbs are system crashes and we are left feeling tired and hungry.

Before you buy foods at the grocery store have a look at the label on these products. If you can't read or understand the first three are four ingredients on the label don't buy it. The first 3 ingredients should be whole wheat,whole grain, oats or natural ingredients.

For today's eating we need to get away from these simple carbs and get back to eating the right carbs. To eat carbs from the right source we need to stick with whole grains such as wheat,rice,oats and barley. As well as dairy and fruits and vegetables. These foods are low in sugar, fat and salt. If they are present they are usually naturally occurring. These carbs are digested more slowly causing blood sugar levels to remain low. This allows you to stay full longer and not get hungry, giving you more energy to keep active and cause you to not over eat.

When considering the right carbohydrates we need to determine the amount a fiber it contains. Fiber works with the good carbs as a filler. Fiber fills you up, along with making you stay full longer.

Eating today is hard, for the reason that there are so many product available today. There is a great number of foods out there as well as a great number of bad products. Some of these bad products say they are healthy, but contain processed or refined ingredients. If you want to think healthy, try thinking of nature and foods in their whole state. Spend a little more time preparing healthy foods and give your body what it deserves.

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