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Diet For Idiots: The Simplest And Most Obvious Hints And Tips For Dieting Success

8/17 14:29:55

Guess what. Diets do not have to be the mind boggling, confusing things they are made out to be. Do you know why the experts want you to be so confused? So they can sell you books or videos or expensive memberships to clubs to teach you what you need to know. They want you to feel like you are not smart enough to figure out this stuff on your own so they can have your respect but more importantly, your credit card number. Here are the tips, a diet for idiots plan that will have you breaking free from more than just your excess weight in no time.

Water is the Best Diet for Idiots Trick

Did you know that most of what we think of as hunger is nothing more than thirst? That’s right, instead of eating, you could have a glass of cold water and be perfectly happy. Forget the rule of drinking eight, eight ounce glasses of water a day, that might be too much or too little for you. But, the first thing you do in the morning and before every meal, drink a glass of water. Drink whenever you exercise and whenever you feel like you are tired or hungry. Opt for ice cold water and you will burn a few extra calories as well.

Vegetables are the Diet for Idiots Mainstay

Take your dinner plate and divide it into three sections, one large and two small. If you cannot see it, mark the sections out or buy one that is divided for you. In the largest of these sections should be the vegetables- your choice of the steamed or raw vegetables that you want.

Brown Foods Should Be Limited in the Diet for Idiots

Ah, the delicious, lovely brown foods- meatloaf, hamburgers, steaks and the like, high in protein and other vitamins. Too bad they are also high in fats and calories. Limit these foods to small portions, once a week or less. Your arteries will thank you for it.

The Diet for Idiots Should be Based on Portion Control

If cutting out all of your favorite foods sounds like too much like a punishment to you, then opt for portion control of some but not all of them. The foods that are absolute triggers for you should be avoided, but others can be included if you can stick to the smallest of portions and eat them only occasionally.

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