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Weight Loss Apps

8/17 14:29:42

Weight Loss Apps

When I first made up my mind to lose weight, it was suggested that I keep a food diary to help me with my weight loss goals. I had no problem seeing the logic in this – if I keep track of what I’m eating, it will be easier for me to lose weight. The first week I completed my food diary daily, and was somewhat obsessed about recording every single thing I ate. But as the weeks rolled by, my good intentions went astray as I started missing out the odd snack here and there and sometimes forgot to take the diary when I was out. In the end I felt like burning the thing as it became a constant reminder of the fact that I was eating far more than I was admitting to my little black book. However, I now have no excuse for not recording down everything I eat because there are so many weight loss apps you can download these days – and it isn’t often I forget to take my mobile phone out with me.

For weight loss 21st century style, weight loss apps offer a convenient way of tracking the number of calories you eat, pulling a feast (sorry about the pun!) of information from databases all over the internet. Some apps have information on hundreds of thousands of restaurant items, so if you’re dining out you need not worry. If you’re wondering whether that delicious sounding chicken in creamy white wine sauce you’re thinking of ordering is going to take you over your daily calorie limit, your friendly app is there to advise you to have the green salad instead! Man, technology is such a spoil sport sometimes.

Any effective weight loss program has to include regular exercise in addition to eating a healthy diet. If you are focusing your workouts for burning fat, there are weight loss apps which can calculate your body fat percentage and BMI based on your waist measurement, sex and age. If running is your thing, there are apps which can calculate the number of calories you burn using your mobile phone’s GPS system to calculate your speed and the length of time you ran for.

There are literally hundreds of weight loss apps out there, enabling you to record every conceivable bit of data you may need to know to fulfil your weight loss goals. If you have been thinking about losing weight for a while and are wondering how to slim down, your answer my friend is on your smart phone.

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