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Green Tea Weight Loss Studies

8/17 14:29:39

Green Tea Weight Loss Studies

Pennsylvania State University recently carried out a study on the effects of green tea in different controlled situations on mice which proved to be very interesting. It was found that the mice that were given decaffeinated green tea and exercised regularly had a significantly high fat loss even when they were on a high fat diet. However, those that were given the green tea extract but did not exercise did not show a significant amount of weight or fat loss.

This study also showed that the effect on the insulin levels and the ability to process it in the mice would be very beneficial to humans suffering with diabetes. However, though this study showed a lot of somewhat immediate or short term effects which were beneficial, it does not give room to investigate the long term, and possibly worse, side effects of ingesting green tea for weight loss.

There have been many studies such as this one into the benefits of green tea, especially in terms of weight loss, but there is a very limited amount of knowledge about the risks of using it long or short term. One thing we do know is that the herbs in green tea can sometimes interact with other herbs or medication we ingest, sometimes causing detrimental effects.

For example, green tea should not be taken with aspirin, a popular medicine taken on a daily basis by millions. This is because both products thin the blood and can increase your risk of bleeding.

Green tea is often thought to help calm nerves as well, but it is less commonly known that the caffeinated version of this tea can actually reverse the effects of medication such as diazepam, used for anxiety disorders.

The most important factor here is to consider any conditions you might have and analyse the ingredients in green tea that might affect these, and always try to drink the naturally decaffeinated version.

A friend of mine, Matt, tried green tea for a number of weeks. He said that he felt, after a couple weeks, significantly more hydrated and alert. He began being more focused at college and work and found it easier to wake up in the morning. It also encouraged him to make healthier choices in his diet and go to the gym more often, though this was a conscious decision of his rather than a side effect of drinking the tea.

However, Matt did experience having to go to the bathroom a lot and did not actually have a lot of weight loss to account for, except for when his diet and lifestyle became more healthy. He looked up the nutritional information for this product and actually found that Lipton diet green tea does not have as many antioxidants as freshly brewed tea. He then switched to loose leaf green tea diet and has noticed a significant drop in weight.

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