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Fast Fat Loss For Women – If There Was A Secret, This Is It

8/17 14:29:01

Fast Fat Loss for Women – If There Was A Secret, This is it

“A secret to fast fat loss for women? Well, if there was a secret this would be it.” That’s what a friend of mine told me when I asked him what his thoughts are on the fastest, most effective way for women to lose fat. See even as a trainer myself and with the experience I have with fitness and health, I sometimes struggle with plateaus and the frustration of not reaching my fat loss goals. And you know what, all of us do. Even the most experienced fitness professionals question the methods and techniques that should be used for obtaining our ultimate fitness and fat loss levels.

As a result of those questions and never-ending desire to learn the most we can about fat loss, we seek the council of fellow professionals and fitness experts. That was my goal in asking the above question. So what did he say the secret to fast fat loss was? Well, it had everything to do with the type and order of training you do and the timing and type of food consumption you take in.

Well, I was familiar with this topic from my education and had a general concept of it, so I knew he wasn’t far off. Plus, his Master’s Degree in Health and Wellness obviously gave me plenty of reason to listen to what he had to say.

The way he laid it out gave a more thorough and detailed description of how the body works and as a result the best way to achieve quick fat loss. In addition, he supported his explanation with a lot of science behind what it takes to make our bodies a fat burning machine so that we can achieve weight loss via losing fat in the fastest manner possible.

See, fast fat burning happens when you keep in mind that burning fat involves your metabolism. Your metabolism is greatly impacted by the types and amount or size of the muscles in your body.

For an easy to understand explanation, basically you have three types of muscles. Each type is used for the activity you are performing; endurance, strength, or power. You want to be sure to work all of them. That covers the types of muscles.

For the amount or size, it’s important to know that the more muscle you have the more calories are required to run your machine. So you’ll want to increase the amount or size of your muscle fiber as well.

(While on this topic, let’s dispel a myth that has been around…well, almost forever since the idea of building muscle came into being. That is that women simply cannot build a lot of muscle when compared to their male counterparts. We don’t have the genetic or hormone structure to do so. So if you’re concerned about bulking up, I assure you that you won’t.)

The other piece to metabolism is the type and amount of fuel used to burn the energy your machine needs to run. In layman’s terms what this means is that the type of food you eat and how much you eat plays a factor in whether it will get burned during your training and whether any of it will go to fat storage.

With this thought in mind, you have to look at your meals not only in terms of meat, veggies, fruits, dairy, nuts, etc. You also have to translate that into protein, carbs, and fats.


Well, when it comes to endurance, strength and power training, you need to think of the energy systems used in performing those moves and what fuels those systems. So for example, your power moves require glycogen which comes from carbs. Your strength comes from carbs as well, and endurance comes from fat. Protein helps to replenish and return muscle to its original state after your workout.

Okay, I hope I haven’t lost you yet…

So, when you go to do your fat loss training, for effective fast fat loss you’ll want to fuel your system to give it the energy it needs to do the work for your strength and power moves. Once your resistance training is complete, you should have depleted all of the energy provided by the carbs you consumed. The exhaustion in your body from that work will confirm that has happened. (Take caution not to continue your strength and power conditioning beyond this point as then protein will be used for that energy which is coming from the breakdown of your muscles.)

From there it’s time for cardio training. Essentially all of your energy created from the carbs you consumed will be gone. Therefore, to create more energy to perform your cardio training, your body will mix the oxygen in your body with stored fat in order to create more energy.

And that my friend is when the quick fat loss occurs. The balance of your workout will pretty much only be using fat as a way to fuel your body and allow it to keep working. And it will keep using only fat until more carbs are introduced into the system to restore the other types of fuel used to give the body energy.

Now, to cover how much food you eat. Well, your system essentially gives you a four hour window to burn off all of the energy created from the food you consume. If it’s not burned, the balance becomes stored fat. So basically, if you eat a meal containing 200 to 300 calories, you’re likely to burn those calories for fuel over the course of those four hours, possible long before four hours are up depending on the activity you perform in those four hours.

However if you take in a larger amount of calories in the food you eat, and they don’t get burned in the course of four hours, then what is left over is moved to fat storage. So, if you opt for a 500 calorie meal and you only lie on the couch and watch TV for the four hours following your meal, you’re likely to burn a few hundred of those calories. The balance of what’s left will get welcomed into the fat cells in your body. :(

So is there really some unexposed method to losing fat quickly? Well, when it comes to the “secret to fast fat loss,” if there truly is one, this is it.

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