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Ways To Lose Weight

8/17 14:28:50

Ways to Lose Weight

Hormones and Weight Loss

Recently, the effects of hormones on weight gain has been a popular topic of discussion. Obesity in general has been a growing problem of increasing concern, because of the various health problems connected with being overweight. Coronary disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer have all been linked to obesity.

Before I address the hormone issue, it is important to understand the basics of weight gain. At the core weight gain is actually fairly simple. If you take in more calories than your body burns, then you will put on the extra pounds. Burn more calories than you take in, and you will lose the weight. Pretty simple, right?

There are obviously some other factors. If you have a lot of muscle mass you will burn more calories, even when at rest. As you get older you will lose muscle and use fewer calories. Genetics can also sometimes play a role for some people.

For women, as they get older and especially after menopause, the extra pounds are a troubling issue. After menopause many women start to retain weight more around their belly than anywhere else. While having belly fat can have a genetic component, studies have shown that in some cases it is caused by lowering estrogen levels.

The studies which have linked hormones to weight gain are not conclusive and a healthy diet and exercise are still the proven way to lose weight.

Best Ways To lose Weight

Keep in mind that while it’s possible hormones do contribute to some extra pounds there’s also some other known factors. Stress and lack of sleep being big causes in the overweight problems of many. While it's hard for most people to find genuine down time, it can be very important in maintaining your body and its hormones.

A good night sleep and some sort of meditation can have amazing results on your overall health. A walk can also be a great way to help reduce stress and give yourself time to think about your day. Another very popular way to keep your body and mind in hormonal balance is sex. Sex is stress relieving and releases endorphin's which have a positive effect in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Weight Loss Plan

So what it comes down to is this; it's important to be aware of issues such as hormones, stress, sleep deprivation and genetics. Just keep in mind the basics of a healthy diet, an exercise plan that fits your attitude and a healthy and natural weight loss program are invaluable.

The ground-floor of your new healthy life should be a trusted weight loss plan on which you can build everything else. Stick to the basics to start and don't take shortcuts or make excuses and you will be headed in the right direction.

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