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Best Way To Lose Weight Fast And Healthy

8/17 14:28:43

Best Way to Lose Weight Fast And Healthy

The weight that keeps pulling me down

When you have that extra bulge, believe me, you don’t know it exists.

I did not notice how big I am until my friend told me, “You’ll never reach your 50s if you’re that big”. Truth hurts, yes. That’s when I looked at the mirror noticing my missing neck. I also checked my closet with clothes smaller than XL or XXL, which I have none.

It was 2011 then and skinny and tight fit trousers are in style, but I can’t have one. I will look like an ice cream in cone if I tried to. Haha!

At first I was in denial. Why? I play tennis almost everyday. I have an active lifestyle. I like sports.

A (shorter) heavy weight

I am 5’ 4” tall, weigh 87 kg, with pants size 36 inches. Yup. I’m round alright. That was in 2011. I began searching for answers why I gain so much when I regularly exercise and don’t eat junk foods. The answer is that my body’s system is out of sync. My metabolism was out of order.

I discovered that I have a poor eating habit. I don’t eat breakfast, but I enjoy brunch (between 10-11am), then a light meal during lunch. A heavy snack at 4pm, and a nice late dinner at 9 or 10pm.

I eat the wrong kind and at the wrong time. I usually eat 2-3 cups of rice every main meal. I go for meat rather than greens. I like fried rather than baked or boiled. I always match it with a soda or a flavored drink. I hate water.

The intervention

Now here is the problem. Breaking news! Habit cannot change overnight. A habit is very difficult to overcome. Eating discipline is your worst enemy during a diet/weight loss program. This will push you to your limits forcing you to quit.

There are tons of programs out in the market. These are exercise, diet pills, and meal replacement programs. I don’t need exercise. I am afraid of diet pills. I think meal replacement therapy sounds good. What I need is to lose weight fast minus the suffering, easy to follow, result guaranteed, healthy, and affordable program.

My friend showed a program of losing weight fast in a healthy way. Exactly the way I want it to. The program guarantees to lose 10 pounds in 10 days if followed correctly. The principle behind it was eating the right kind, at the right time and in the right amount with proper nutrition and discipline. The idea was like installing a RESET button in me to assist in overcoming my habit, improving my metabolism, getting rid of my cravings and still getting proper nutrition that my body needs.

This is it. There’s no turning back.

The checklist

Here are some pre-program checklist that we must keep in mind:

  • Accept and acknowledge for the need of a weight loss program
  • No heavy physical or brain draining activities in the next 10 days
  • Make sure there will be no parties, picnics, and celebrations
  • No alcohol or liquors
  • Expect the first 1-2 days are challenging
  • Prepare to eat greens
  • Record your baseline data, weight and pants size.

The result

With much dedication and focus, I finished my 10-day Reset Program. The first day was challenging, 2nd day gets better, third was magical until the last day. My 10-day weight loss record was amazingly 13 pounds (6kg)!

I thought at first that it was just a sales pitch. I never imagined I could lose that much weight in just 10 days! I kept that habit after the program, I ate more greens, less rice, and adapted proper supplementation.

In 2 months time, I finally got the look and weight that I want. From 87kg to 72kg, pants size off 3 inches, and a healthier radiant younger looking skin!

Then what happens

We hit that RESET button for nothing, why would you go back to your old lifestyle? Keep it up and enjoy your hard work. Would you want it to go to waste?

As of today, I have gained a bit because I have been munching on junk foods and fast-food because most of our meetings are done in fast-food restaurants. Guess what? I only gained 2kg since then.

It felt good that I accomplished something. I feel good about myself. I will feel even better if I could be of any help to those who badly want that change.

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