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What Results Can You Expect With P90x?

8/17 14:28:35

What Results Can You Expect With P90x?

People looking to lose weight and body fat, can try many different weight loss programs. For those looking for a challenge and who are able to endure an intense workout regimen such as P90X, the results can be very positive, as long as the program is followed correctly. This means remaining committed, motivated, and disciplined throughout the entire 90-day process. So if a person carries out the necessary exercise routines and sticks to the supplementary diet plan, great results can be expected from the program.

Results may vary

This is natural, because everybody’s body is built differently, and it reacts differently to exercise and diet plans. This difference can be attributed to genetics, age and a person’s metabolism levels, as well as the diet being followed.

Loss of water weight

The initial weight lost is usually the body’s water weight. That is one of the reasons why one may lose a noticeable amount of weight during the early stages (the first week or two), and may take longer to lose more in the coming weeks.

Adaptation of the body

There are no significant changes in the first 6-8 weeks. This is a typical characteristic of weight resistance training programs, and not something to be worried about. Initially, when the person starts out with regular strength training, his muscles become sore at first, but as the body adapts to it, the soreness goes away. It is important then, to stay motivated during the initial stages of the program. Giving up should not be made a viable option.

The 3 phases

There are 3 different phases the body goes through during the P90X training program. In the first phase, the body goes through the adjustment period, where the body starts to get used to the workout routine and the dietary plan. During this phase it is normal to expect no such drastic visible changes, and usually only the person’s clothes will start to feel loose.

In the second phase the body starts to experience drastic changes. A person becomes leaner and stronger, just as long as he is able to maintain the extremities of the program daily.

The third phase is where the person experiences the most overall change. Fat from those pesky hard to get areas finally starts to disappear, and there is a marked improvement in definition of the entire body. It is also a good idea to start partaking in extra workout sessions during this stage such as walking, skipping rope, etc.

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