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Motivation For Weight Loss

8/17 14:28:29

motivation for weight loss

I read on a site for a person who wanted to lose weight and searched ways to motivate and push himself to succeed. The man made great efforts to manage it until a day with the help of a photo realized that this was the way to lose a few pounds.

So he decided to do something with them. He decided to give some motivation for weight loss. He gathered present photographs and up to two years back and put them in the office of his home. Each photo was in itself a motivation for weight loss. He remembered how many pounds was apparently on each of them each.

So he put a timeframe in which concreted. He had to lose weight which corresponded to the first of the photos he had put in his office in order to return it back to its physical place. To the photo album. When the goal reached went in the next picture. He did this for a reasonable time to lose the weight he wanted and there were few pounds. It was about 30. This person with this cute motivation for weight loss managed to succeed and reach his goal.

It was a really cute way to give motivation for weight loss to himself and I'm sure everyone can, and has the ability to think its own, according to his own temperamen, motivation for weight loss. The motivation will fit and will keep a constant vigilance without the help of another person. All people have the same characteristics. The same happens with the motives that move us to do things, in our lives. Personally I do not belong in the category of overweight people. But I too have my own motivation to keep my weight to normal levels.

In the past I was a long distance runner and even I did marathon workouts i never participated in one of them. Because of work commitments I could not have a regular workout to keep my level of fitness I wanted. So I found another motivation for weight loss such as walking. I walk daily four kilometres and indeed there have been long periods where i walked 16 kilometers per day.

Simply go to my job and turned away. Yes, my dear friends. Sixteen kilometers per day. To be honest I do not do this every day. But it never falls below four kilometres per day in summer and eight kilometers per day in winter. Want to learn and another motivation for weight loss I have?

It's my bike. Exactly. When I was a little child my parents did not buy a bike because they were afraid of an accident by a car. In Greece drivers did not respect bikes in the past.

I am a big boy now and I decided to get one to do the jobs that are close to my house and why not even go to my job. I've done it several times. No day passes not riding my bike and not walking. In combination with a good diet, i keep my weight at the desired level. Did said anothing about motivation for weight loss? We all have my friends. Everyone without exception. Just put your mind to think in that direction. Good luck.

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