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Lose Weight By Chewing Healthy Fiber – 7 Factors You May Not Know

8/17 14:27:41

Lose Weight By Chewing Healthy Fiber – 7 Factors You May Not Know

Who else wants to lose weight? Chewing healthy fiber is one way to enjoy our food longer that can lead you to lose weight.

That sounds kind of odd, doesn’t it? Yep.

Yet my brother and I have each dropped pounds the past few months. Neither of us is using any kind of diet or products.

(1) Fiber! If you’ve been wondering what to eat so that you can both enjoy your food and lose weight, look at fiber. Research has shown that eating food with fiber is a powerful way to lose weight and improve your health.

(2) Chew! When you are chewing healthy fiber, you take longer to finish eating each bite. That slows you down. In our hustle bustle make everything faster world that’s a big change. Yet if this change helps your life, it’s a reasonable new habit to create. I mean, chewing is easy to do.

(3) Slow Down! Eating slower often lets your body have enough time to give you the sensation that calls off or slows down eating. Namely, “I’m full!” is a body signal to the brain that takes a while to happen. When you eat more slowly, your brain has the time to get this message. Feeling full is easy to handle.

(4) Feel Full! Fiber takes longer to digest and travel through your body. That means your food is gonna be there triggering that signal of, “I’m full!” for a longer time. When you wonder what to eat so that you can lose weight, look at the fiber content. Because when you’re feeling full, you’re not as likely to consume those convenience foods you see everywhere you go. “I’m full!” is a more desirable response than our, “NO’s” that, well, sometimes can melt, squish or crunch into “yes.”

(5) Lower Risk! You fuel your health when you’re chewing healthy fiber. Fiber itself fights diseases. Studies have shown that when you’re chewing healthy fiber and filling your intestines with that fiber, your body absorbs soluble fibers. That binds your foods differently inside of you. One result is to lower your blood cholesterol levels and to control your sugar levels. Your body uses insoluble fiber gently. That gentleness with insoluble fiber lowers your risk of heart disease and diabetes. That's worth some extra chewing, right?

(6) Scrape Insides! Fiber’s role in preventing or releasing constipation has proven itself over thousands of years. Now we know it’s the insoluble fiber doing the work. There are parts of plant foods your body cannot absorb or digest. This fiber is called roughage, bulk, and insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber helps you in unusual ways. For example, it scrapes open some of your cells in your intestines, releasing calcium, and creating mucus. Your body seems to like this because it results in "good for you" impact when your insoluble fiber scrapes your cells open.

(7) Drink Water! Chewing healthy fiber combined with drinking more water helps you lose weight. Fiber requires water to keep moving through your digestion system. So doing more chewing health fiber’s gonna get you drinking more water. When you get to chewing healthy fiber and drinking water in the right amounts for you, "good for you" stuff's gonna happen. Warning: check with your health professional about fiber and water levels best for your body. If you add too much water too fast, you will throw other parts of your body out of whack and can hurt your body.

But since you need more water when you eat even just a little more fiber? That’s a solid reason to print this article out, get an appointment for your next physical exam with your health professional (and if you don't have a health professional?... isn't it time to do what you need to do to get one?).

Ask your health professional how you can gain courage to get healthy. Get a note made in your chart to talk about weight, water, and chewing healthy fiber, specifically how much of each is a good match for you based on your age and health factors.

If you chicken out? Please print this out and carry it with you every day until you do see your medical professional... and hand it in at their office when you check in.

As with all healthy habits, for greatest benefit, you will need to eat a wide variety of foods and in moderation. If you want to lose weight by chewing healthy fiber, these 7 factors you may not have known can spark the action necessary to get you in for your medical exam… and to begin your journey to lose weight permanently.

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