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How To Lose Weight With Cinnamon--discover How

8/17 14:27:11

For those of you trying to lose weight, I bet you didn't know that Cinnamon can help you reduce belly fat!

You heard right!

This is what some scientists have found....Cinnamon can help you lose belly fat, now lets see how.

It is said that Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices that is documented.

Thousands of years ago the people treated Cinnamon more precious even then gold.

In Egypt years ago, they used Cinnamon not only for flavouring their food they also utilized it for medicinal use as in the bible.

Now days, most of us only think of Cinnamon as a spice you put in your apple pie or other deserts.

The truth is that Cinnamon has a lot more to offer than that!

In certain experiments carried out by the Maryland research Center found that Cinnamon had much more to offer.

In their trials they found that certain foods had an affect on glucose and the affects on blood sugar levels.

In one of their studies, they used apple pie which of course had Cinnamon in it and they fully expected this to have a detrimental affect on the body.

Quite the contrary, they were beyond belief when they discovered that it actually lowered glucose in peoples blood.

Due to this new information, they decided they just had to look into this further.

In the year of Dec 2003 60 people were selected in a Nutrition Study Center in Pakistan which was conducting trials on Cinnamon and affects on the blood sugar level as well as cholesterol. The selected people with type two diabetes.

What they did was give one group one to six grams of Cinnamon a day the to the second group they just had a placebo.

They tested the groups after forty days, and what they found was nothing short of astonishing, the group that had the Cinnamon had a considerabel reduction in glucose levels of between eighteen and twenty nine per cent.

There was a twenty three to thirty per cent reduction of Trigliycerides and a seven to twenty seven per cent reduction in Cholesterol and an overall reduction from twelve to twenty six percent.

The exciting result was that, this group even showed continual reduction after twenty days without even taking the Cinnamon.

There were no changes in the placebo group.

This means this is good news for those with cardio disease.

One study did an experiment with rats, and what they did was, give on group a high fructose diet which included Cinnamon and the other they gave them low sugar quantities.

Both groups had the same result.

What this showed was that even the rats that had the high fructose the Cinnamon counter acted this and lowered the glucose in the system which helped manage the insulin which in turn helps reduce belly fat.

So what we can gather from this information is that if you are having trouble with belly fat, then it makes sense that if you put some Cinnamon on your food and include it in your diet, then you should lose that extra tire.

If you want speedier results then think about doing some cardio exercise, go for a brisk walk and drink more water and don't forget those veggies and your fruit.

Actually Cinnamon is quite tasty, so start using it in your cooking. Good Luck and here's to losing fat!!

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