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Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

8/17 14:26:52

Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

This has been a century-long campaign among fitness experts on finding ways to lose belly fat. Year after year, several types of abs gadgets and machines are invented for the sole purpose of eliminating the stubborn belly fat. But as time passes by, some of these gadgets and machines just slowly fade away. They virtually become unpopular due to either lack of significant results or negative feed-backs. Then, people would go back to the basic exercises.

How to lose belly fat is one of the greatest fitness questions people ask. In fact, most of the questions would revolve around how to get rid of the stubborn belly fat. For men, the desire of getting six pack abs is a continuous adventure. And there is a good reason to that. An example is that men would like to show their physique, especially, when performing outdoor activities, like being on the beach, in a pool party, rock climbing, etc. And on top of it all, surveys have indicated that up to 70% of the women consider six pack abs as the sexiest, way ahead of broad shoulders and strong arms. On the other hand, women would love to have tight sexy stomach. And a tight pair of jeans looks perfect with it.

New discovery indicated that in order to lose belly fat, one must increase his or her metabolic rate. To understand metabolic rate, we need to define metabolism. What is metabolism and what role does it play in our body? Metabolism is derived from a Greek word meaning “change”. It is the amount of energy that the body burns in order to maintain functionality. And it’s directly affected by the amount of muscles and fat in the body. People who have more muscles in their body than fat have higher metabolism (or metabolic rate) than people who have more fat than muscles. In order to lose weight, you should aim to boost your metabolism because the lower your metabolism is the harder it is to lose weight and easier to gain more fat. So, how should you increase your metabolic rate? There is a particular high intensity exercise that increases metabolic rate, so that you build more muscles and burn more fat, even after your workout is done.

The name of the exercise is “Front Squat”, which is very good not only for your legs but also rock hard abs. It’s a full-body workout. Front squat is at the top of the heap, as one of the most effective full-body exercises that stimulate higher metabolic rate. It requires extreme stabilization strength from the abdominal muscles, and with front squat, you use more muscle groups than any other exercise. Front squat will give you more fat-burning metabolic effect compared to any direct abs exercise. But if you are new to front squat, you’ll need assistance from someone who knows how to execute it properly.

Other great alternatives to front squat are renegade dumbbell rows, mountain climbers, and deadlifts.

In case you find it difficult to perform these exercises, a good start would be walking and swimming, which are very good low impact exercises.

So, remember a good exercise to lose belly fat is one that stimulates higher metabolic rate.

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