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How To Exercise And Lose Weight Fast For Anyone!

8/17 14:26:44

How to Exercise And Lose Weight Fast for Anyone!

Thinking of shredding those fats off your thighs, belly and butt for that big day? Diets not working? Let me introduce to you a one stop solution on how to exercise and lose weight fast. Plyometrics.

Wait. Is this "plyometrics" another workout program you are trying to sell?

No. If you never heard of plyometrics, plyometrics are the types of exercises which uses technique that requires fast and powerful movements. Sounds daunting, but it is really easier than it sounds. Losing weight is all about science. In order to lose weight, you have to know what your body requires and does not require.

Losing weight a science? But I failed science in school! Does that mean I can't lose weight?

So if you arent good with science, I guess you will stay fat forever. Just Kidding! ;) Let me break it down for you. To lose weight, you have to know what your body requires. In order to lose fat, you need to burn more calories than what you put in your body.The answer to that is metabolism. Metabolism is what burns off those fats. The reason why exercise is associated with fat loss is due to it enhancing your metabolism when you perform exercises.

The word metabolism can sometimes get complicated. However, understanding metabolism can be done using an analogy. Imagine yourself as a car that needs fuel (metabolism) to move (cutting down weight). The more fuel you have, the faster you will lose weight. However, the fuel is at a constantly decreasing rate. Hence, you have to add more fuel by exercising. However, you cannot just add fuel or metabolism in your body just like how you put in fuel for your car at the gas station. You have to work for it through exercise!

But exercise in the past does not seem to work!

If you have not lost weight from exercise in the past, there may be various reasons for it. One reason may be your eating habits. I am not saying that you should go on a strict diet (which is of course helpful), but if you intend to see any weight loss, you HAVE to avoid or cut down on food which are greasy and sugary. Alcholic drinks are also a big no.

Another reason why you may not experience any weight loss from exercise is because your metabolism is not being built enough. For instance, with running, people tend to jog slower than normal due to the little energy they might have from the day, or the lack of motivation. Thus, no matter how regular you exercise, you will not be able to see any effects as this is just not adding enough "fuel".

How can increase my metabolism?

You can do this by adding plyometrics workouts to your routine! Due to the higher intensity from explosive motions, you are able to enhance your metabolism through plyometrics! For instance, a 150 pound person can burn about 550 calories per hour, which is probably the amount of calories in one cheese burger!

Besides this, plyometrics training has the ability to tone your muscles and increase your stamina, which can give you the extra push when you conduct other exercises in your routine.

I am getting excited, how can I start plyometrics?

With little to almost no equipment at all, you can start your plyometrics training anytime! Even today! So put plyometrics workout in your workout routine, if done right, you will be able to double your weight loss efforts!

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