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4 Day Apple Diet Plan

8/17 14:26:35

4 Day Apple Diet Plan

There is a four-day apple diet plan which will be extremely good to reduce your weight fast. All know that eating an apple keeps you away from doctors that need comes to have as a 12-month diet. Apple is used for many health purposes that it makes your skin smoother and glowing. Secondly, a vast majority of the world uses apple for reducing weight.

There is a four-day apple diet plan that will cut your excessive fat. About thousand to thirteen hundreds calories will be no more from your body. It is a magic that you will really believe if you indeed follow it strictly. Here your aim is to get your fat burnt not get a glowing skin, so here you will have to keep one thing in mind that making any blunders during this diet plan can be a result of damaging your digestive system.

4-Day Apple Diet Plan

Here comes a 4-day apple diet plan that is extremely good to burn about thousand to thirteen hundred calories per day which means more than six thousands calories can be burnt.

Diet of the First Day

If you are thinking that it will be difficult to follow apple diet, you should not be worried about it since you are going to have three meals as usual such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will take 1.5 kilograms apples and then divide into three meals, it means you will have to eat half kg apple with breakfast, half kg with lunch and the last half kg you will eat at dinner time.

Diet of the Second Day

It is your first meal of the second day that you will eat apple in breakfast. In lunch, you will take green salad, lemon and cheese with low fat. At night, you will take apples only. If you do not feel good that you are not eating dishes what are extremely mouthwatering, you have to bear it because you are going to enjoy the taste of more foods.

Diet of the Third Day

It is the day three of weight loss diet plan. In lunch, you have to eat an apple and a slice of whole bread and take turkey that should be low in fat. At dinner, you will eat apple and drink milk with low fat. Note! you can also add some foods on day three that in the morning, you can eat meat (lean not marbled), in afternoon, two hundred grams of tuna including lemon. At night, you will eat grilled chicken along with olive oil.

The Final Day

In the breakfast, eat an apple, a boiled egg and whole grain bread’s slice. The second last meal allows you to eat an apple, vegetable salad (raw) and two hundred grams of beef (toasted or grilled); if you do not feel like eating beef, you may also go for chicken (skinless). Now it is your last of this four-day diet, eat apples but nothing.


If you are following apple diet, you might face some temporary medical conditions such as:

1. Headaches

2. Dizziness

3. Irritability

4. Nervousness

5. Gastric hyperacidity

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