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Coconut Water And Weight Loss Benefits

8/17 14:26:29

Coconut Water And Weight Loss Benefits

Everyone is on the quest for how to lose weight. The world now a days want what they want quick fast and in a hurry. Losing weight has went from working hard and sweating it off to taking supplements, fat burners, and doing fasts. None of those I just listed are healthy for you! Fasts aren't so bad except they are a shock to the body so the first week is horrible full of headaches, stomach pains and thirst.

I was on the same kick as everyone else. I serve in the Army where weight determines if you have a career or not, sucks trust me. I was a great size but then I had 3 beautiful daughters and my lovely size 5 went to a size 9 and then eventually an 11. This may not be bad to some but i'm sure mothers can relate to the whole "I was ____ size before kids and I want that back!"

In my quest to get back in shape I went on a vegan diet and loss about 8 pounds in a month! It was great but then as soon as I got off the diet the weight came back like "Hello, did you miss me?". I was livid and frustrated so I went back to eating the way I wanted. (Horrible I know). I did stop eating out all the time and laid off the soda which helped me a lil. In the fight to get my pre baby weight back I got into weight lifting and going to the gym. I LOVED IT. It was a boost that I needed and after working out hard and sweating you actually feel wonderful! I went with my friend who was my workout partner, you need someone to motivate you or YOU WILL QUIT.

As we started to work out I noticed that she was losing weight and toning up a lot faster then I was. This of course disheartened me but I just asked her. "What are you doing that I am not?" She simply replied Coconut Water. I was like ummmm ok. I asked to try some of hers and trust me I hated it! It tasted horrible. She then began to school me on coconut water and the weight loss benefits from it. I was in shock!

Did you know:

  • easily digested

    high in potassium

    full of electrolytes, better then Gatorade or Powerade

    low in calories

  • Low in cholesterol and speeds metabolism

Yea I didn't know either! I started to drink more coconut water while working out and went from losing 8 pounds a month to 15 pounds in one month! NO fad diets, No starving myself, and No eating like a rabbit! I was in shock! Coconut water secrets! I need to share this b/c it's not as hard to lose weight as you think and you CAN do it! I did! Check out the link and go for the goal. I did it and so can you!

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