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How Do You Make It Go Away? – 5 Facts About Body Fat

8/17 14:26:24

How Do You Make It Go Away? – 5 Facts About Body Fat

When do fat in the body is more dangerous? Did you know that the amount of fat in your body is determined when you were in your mama’s belly? Important stuff you did not know about Belly fat.

The truth is that dieting is not helping us reducing the amount of fat cells in our body, but it helps us to reduce the volume of our fat cells. Here are 5 facts you probably did not know about body fat.

1 The number of fat cells is determined at our mom's belly

The matter of fact is that we have no control over how much fat cells we have in our body. Scientific researches show that the number of cells is determined at early stages such as the period of transition, infancy and adolescence. The number of cells is also affected by external factors such as fetal environment, nutrition of the pregnant mother and the conditions of the fetus growth. All of these factors are influencing the metabolism and body tissue structure.

Between the 6th and the 9th month of pregnancy the number of the cells is growing. This period of pregnancy the health and future health of the adult men are determined.

2 The number of fat cells is constant.

The matter of fact is that the number of cells is not changing, only their volume is. When someone is losing weight, the volume of cells changes according to the Caloric equation. For example if the caloric outcome is greater than caloric income then the volume will be reduced. When dieting the fat cells are being emptied while when gaining weight the cells are inflated like an air balloon. The number of cells will not change. It is possible to change the number of fat cells with a surgical procedure such as liposuction.

3 Fat is not only lying under the skin

It is true that most of our fat is under the skin (The epidermis), however there are some fat the can be found around internal organs such as the liver, pancreas and the spline. Thanks to technology today we can observe it accumulates around these vital organs. Too much fat around the internal organs can cause diseases and damage their function.

4 Fat in some areas is more dangerous than other areas

It is important to know that fat around the stomach is more dangerous than around the thighs. The body structure can influence over the change of getting diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and more. The risk of people with the "Apple" body type - people with more fat in the upper part is higher than people with the "Pear" body type - people who have it more in the lower part. Fat around belly and upper body parts has more negative effects compared to fat around the bum and thighs.

5 Why are we over weighted?

The number one reason for us to be over weight is the modern lifestyle. Fat is the biggest energy source for the body. Our body designed to accumulate fat. Sitting hours around the desk or PC is contributing for this fat storage and fat cells inflation. If you wish to have good health it is important to have a healthy lifestyle from an early stage. Avoiding the initial fat gaining is better than managing it.

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