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Hiking For Everyone

8/17 14:26:21

Hiking For Everyone

I wanted to write about hiking which is one of the things I like to do ESPECIALLY during the spring and summertime.

Hiking is liked by many and it's for anybody and everybody.

Hiking is great exercise and improves one's health. It is essentially good if one has the goal to lose weight, build or tone muscle, or just to stay fit. It also decreases one's hypertension and improves one's mental health.

Hiking trails are most common for hiking and are commonly found in parks, forest preserves, or other nature and scenic terrain.

I personally like it for the exercise, but also because that there's so much to see where I can see nature's true beauty. Also, it's peaceful and I enjoy listening to alot of nature sounds, too.

One can hike in groups or alone. Sometimes I like to walk with someone. I have someone to talk to and it is fun to walk with another person. Sometimes I like being by myself, too. It gives me to think, reflect, and meditate as I hike. Also, I can enjoy more of the scenery without interruption. Moreover, I can go at my pace.

It's always good to dress up for hiking when going on long hikes. This helps for one's safety and comfort. It all includes good hiking boots and maybe some gloves and/or a hat. It's not a bad idea to get some idea of your surroundings where you hike so you know how to dress for it. There are some hazards along the way...like poison ivy or poison oak for instance. And this is just some of the possible hazards. Weather is another factor to be aware of...whether it's going to rain, how warm or cool it will be outside, and so forth. Plus, one may want to prepare themselves in case they are in a location that has some wild animals.

It's also a good idea to bring mosquito repellent, maybe a camera, a map, a backpack, some food and some water with you. It may be a good idea to bring a compass or GPS with you as well.

What equipment you bring depends on the length of your hike.

Hiking can also be very educational, especially when hiking in a group that has a couple of people that's knowledgeable about the area location, about nature, and other interesting facts. I remember, some time ago, where I hiked with a group and learned some things about different types of trees, animals, flowers, and other interesting things.

So, hiking can be great exercise and have many great benefits in which one can really enjoyed as long as they are properly prepared for it and plan their day out well.

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