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Crash Diets Facts To Consider

8/17 14:26:08

Crash Diets Facts To Consider

We have all heard about effective crash diets that help you lose weight fast but rarely consider some related important facts, here are some to take into consideration before starting or while following these kinds of diets:

- Many crash diets only focus in reducing caloric intake to as low as 600 to 1,000 calories per day. You might feel very weak.

- Others crash diets replace one or more meals with a low caloric weight loss shakes, meal bars o smoothies.

- Many crash diets are done by only drinking fruit juice, cabbage soup or hardly any food.

- The body will face nutritional deficiency.

- The dieter mood will change because of food cravings.

- The metabolism can become a lot slower.

- The dieter can have a cardiac arrest and arrhythmia.

- A crash diet can be effective because it reduces the body volume, but not body fat.

- In the first week of a crash diet the body will lose weight however this weight is not taken away in a proper way, instead of losing body fat it will be losing body’s water.

- In a crash diet weight is lost very fast specially at the beginning of the diet, as time passes by the weight loss slows down and there is a change that the dieters regular eating routine will cause to gain all the weight back, this is called the yo-yo effect.

The dieter's body can suffer severe effects from a crash diet. Some of them are:

Mineral and vitamins deficiencies:

- Irritability because you are hungry

- Depression

- Dizziness

- Low body energy levels

- Osteoporosis

- Eating disorders can be developed

- Hair loss

- Heart attacks and strokes

- Dehydration

- Low Metabolism

If you are considering a crash diet be aware of these facts, crash diets can help in one way but can also cause harm to the body and diminish daily performance. Always remember to exercise to keep you body in shape and in good condition while dieting or not.

However, all these facts don't mean that you can't follow effective crash diets, rather that you should be aware of these facts to assist you on deciding on one or to be cautious while following one, many people decide on following a crash diet for many different reasons but in general these are diets to be followed for a short period of time, they are not recommended for children or the elderly and if you have any medical condition you should always check with your medical doctor prior to following a crash diet.

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