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Breast Cancer, Being Overweight Increases The Risk

8/17 14:26:01

Breast Cancer, Being Overweight Increases The Risk

Cancer can get to anyone. There is no way to stop the risks of getting cancer completely. It can affect even the most healthy people without any warning. However, it is stated that other than smoking, being overweight is the number one risk factor in all cancers.

In a recent women's study, it showed that postmenopausal women who did just 30 minutes of walking per day, had decreased their risk of getting breast cancer by 20%. It is stated that obese women have a 50-70% greater risk of breast cancer than that of a woman at a healthy weight. The reason for this is that fat increases a woman's estrogen levels. Estrogen has been shown to "fuel" most breast cancers.

The American Cancer Society did a study which showed that women after the age of 18, that gained 20-30 pounds had a 40% greater risk of getting breast cancer, than did women that stayed within 5 lbs. of their weight. It goes on to show that those who gained more than 70 pounds, more than doubled their risk.

Ballard-Barbash says that if you can't make time in your daily life for physical activity, then expect to make time for being sick. Physical activity and diet are important factors in the fight against cancer. Cancer is one of the scariest things out there, it affects and kills so many people every year. So the question is, why are so many people continuously increasing their risk of getting it.

I have set here and told you what the Number 1 risk factor is, being overweight. I have given you the statistics. If you want to decrease your risk of breast cancer (any cancer), then you have to get healthy. You have to start eating healthy and doing some type of exercise. I have personally seen family members die from cancer and it is in no way a pleasant way to go. You owe it to your self to get healthy.

You do not have to go spend hours in the gym everyday. You don't have to starve yourself, or even not eat the foods that you love. Exercise doesn't have to feel like work, there are so many ways to exercise while doing the things that you love to do. Do you need ideas to help you come up with fun ways to exercise? As for food, you don't have to give everything up. Balance your diet, everything has its place, some things just need to be kept minimal. Do it for yourself, and if not for you then do it for the loved ones around you. You know that if you walk down the middle of the street, you increase your risk of being hit. You wouldn't intentionally do that. So why play "Russian Roulette" with cancer?

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