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How To Lose Weight Exercising

8/17 14:25:32

How to Lose Weight Exercising

People often ask how to lose weight exercising.

Throughout the centuries humans have had to work hard to build shelters, grow and harvest food, hunt for food, hand wash and hand sew clothing, weave blankets, build boats, chop, grind and knead food and perform other functions requiring physical labor, just to survive.

Now we have grocery stores which conveniently offer a variety of foods, we buy our clothes, wash and dry them in machines, and much of our food is prepared for us. If you are like me, daily living doesn't involve a lot of exercise, so I need to engage in various forms of exercise to remain healthy.

In some countries they don't require a lot of exercise beyond daily living because the acts performed throughout their day is very taxing and provides adequate exercise. They ride bikes or walk to work, they grow their own gardens, they hand carry items home from the store, they climb stairs; they still enjoy the benefits of physical activity throughout their day.

There is a lot of discussion surrounding the best type of exercise to lose weight and stay fit. The best answer I have is this, humans were created to do a variety of activities; working every muscle in their body. The muscles, lungs and joints benefit when they are worked and strengthened together.

Weight lifting, aerobics, Yoga, kick boxing, bike riding, walking and yard work are all forms of exercise that benefit the body. Each type satisfies a different form of exercise that has benefited many for ages, although they weren't labeled the same.

Through my years of studying health and fitness, there have been pros and cons to each type of exercising. The one concept that seems to hold true in most programs; rotate the areas of the body being worked, and vary the type of exercises being done, for optimal strength, toning and endurance.

For example, if you desire to build muscle mass, tone, and strengthen areas of the body, lift weights 3 times a week, and choose alternative forms of exercise 3 days a week, such as bike riding, running, or kick boxing.

If you desire to lose weight, choose your main method of weight loss such as aerobic exercises, but mingle it with lifting light weights, for example, with high repetitions a few times a week to tone as you reduce your weight. Maybe rotate in some swimming or biking for variety.

The body is designed to adapt to its environment. To keep the body building and performing at its peak, variation in activities, workout programs and duration are the best.

I have never been one to go to the gym to exercise so I learned how to lose weight exercising at home.

Running up and down stairs, walking around the block, exercising with cans of food, doing jumping jacks and moving my arms and legs to the beat of a cassette tape, was my gym, and it worked perfectly fine.

There are thousands of new and used treadmills, elliptical machines and other exercise equipment on the market, if you want to start off with equipment, instead of creating your own. Either option works fine; you just need to get started to see the success!

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