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Great Weight Loss Tips

8/17 14:25:20

Great Weight Loss Tips

When someone finally decides that it’s time to lose weight, the inclination is to want it to happen, and to happen now. It’s time for the quick fix, right? It’s human nature to want the instant remedy. After all we live in an instant gratification world. So why not weight loss too! So, bearing that in mind, here are some great weight loss tips. And I’ll add to that, realistic ones, not pie in the sky quick weight loss tips.

Quick, effective, weight loss does not happen! There is no such thing. I can wrap you in plastic wrap and have you sweat out pounds of water. The scale will reflect weight loss. But did you lose fat? No, just water weight. There are healthy ways to lose weight, and then there are the unhealthy quick fix gimmicks that we all fall for.

Okay, here’s the first of the great weight loss tips: healthy weight loss is long term. To assure that your weight loss is lasting you have to give it time. You have to learn to create healthy habits that produce results for your body to shed weight. Once you have learned how to do that, then give it time, and watch the results as each week goes by.

The second of the great weight loss tips is you have to realize that it doesn’t take weeks to get back in shape, it takes months, maybe years depending on where you are starting from. But that’s okay! Just get started! The first few weeks will be teaching yourself new habits and routines that will eventually get you to your weight loss goal!

Shows like Biggest Loser set unrealistic expectations for people. That kind of weight loss is not realistic for everyone as these folks come from an unhealthy and high calorie lifestyle. So when they are put in a controlled atmosphere and have their high calorie diets cut, of course they can lose ten pounds in a week. At four hundred pounds they could probably take a ten pound dump! This is not how it is for people who want to shed twenty or thirty pounds.

Healthy weight loss will occur when you lose one to two pounds a week! The slower the weight comes off the better chance you will have of it not returning. You will also be losing fat and not lean muscle mass if you approach your dieting in the proper manner. Do not use any program that promises fast weight loss!! Please don’t fall for the hype. Long term you will only be doing your body harm! Fast weight loss means fast weight gain!

We are almost to the Year’s end and people will start making their resolutions again. Do yourself a favor and resolve to making changes slowly! Make a resolution to adopt one new healthy habit for the first few weeks of the year: cut out desserts, walk one mile a day, replace that calorie laden latte with plain black dark roast coffee, try green tea, don’t eat anything white, etc. These are just a few examples.

Make small changes toward your healthier eating regimen, and as you see slow progress, you will want to adopt more healthy habits because you will have proof that they work. And the last of the great weight loss tips: throw out the scale! If you do use the scale try not to get on it but once a week. Daily checks will only frustrate you as weight fluctuates daily based on many factors. Use your clothes a measure of your success. When your pants start to fall off then you know you are on the right track!!

Franz wishes you a healthy New Year and many advances in your goals toward optimal health and fitness!

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