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Personal Trainer London: The Power Of Motivation

8/17 14:25:13

Being a personal trainer in London, I truly believe in the power of being motivated to reach our shape and health goals.Most people that I meet, the number one reason why they want to start on an exercise and nutritional program, is to lose weight fast. Most people who have this thought of losing excess fat around certain parts of their bodies that may be making them to feel really unhappy, fail to start or if they have started, fail to follow it through. This occurs because of the lack of motivation. Most people who need to lose weight fast but tend to never succeed, tend to say these demotivating words most of the time such has the following:

1. I hate exercise.

2. I am just to lazy to go to the gym.

3. I find it hard to stick to a diet.

4. I am just not motivated to lose weight.

If you really want to succeed greatly and increase your motivation, it is very important that you do not subscribe to those words mentioned above. To succeed has far has losing weight is concerned, you must make it a " MUST" instead of "I SHOULD" To increase your motivation, you must find your reasons. I am going to mention several reasons why most people are motivated to take action and succeed.

1. In the dating game to improve their chances.

2. Looking for mister right or misses right.

3. Appeal physically and sexually to the opposite sex.

4. To look younger.

5. Going on holiday soon.

6. A special family or social occasion and so the person wants to look their absolute best.

7. Being taunted by a parent, or both parents, or friends or your partner to lose weight.

Whatever your reasons are, the key and secret to becoming highly Motivated, is for you to take MASSIVE ACTION now. Find your reason or reasons, and let it stay in your minds eye most of the time. Let it grow inside of you like a mushroom cloud. If you want to succeed greatly, it is now time for you to say a good bye to being demotivated. I would like you to say the following positive words:




If you can, hire a motivational personal trainer to motivate you to follow it through. Enrol in a gym if you have to. Get connected to somebody who has the shape that inspires you, and make friends with them. Ask if you can train with them.Take the advice from a personal trainer in London.

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