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Why You Don’t Have To Be Hungry To Lose Weight

8/17 14:24:48

Why You Don’t Have To Be Hungry To Lose Weight

Do you dread the prospect of being hungry all the time just because you want to lose a few pounds? And if you have to lose a lot of weight, this can be a downright frightful prospect. And who can blame you?

No one could possibly enjoy, or even tolerate the prospect of being hungry all the time because they’re trying to lose weight.

The sad part is that most people don’t know that they not only don’t have to be hungry to lose weight, but being hungry all the time may be causing them to not to lose weight.

Most likely you have heard at some point that the human body has a built in mechanism to avoid starvation. It’s a very powerful mechanism that can actually change your metabolism and therefore the rate at which you lose weight, or may account for the fact that you are not losing weight at all in spite of being hungry all the time.

And your hunger is real and totally justified because your food intake is so low.

So what’s going on?

What’s happening is that your body interprets the lack of food as the oncoming of starvation, and sets mechanisms in motion to preserve all the weight, all the fat it possibly can so you won’t starve to death.

It may seem like a crazy notion, but your body doesn’t know that you are intentionally depriving yourself of food, so it does all it can to conserve calories! Isn’t that the pits? You’re trying so hard to get rid of unwanted fat, you’re suffering because of it while your system is doing everything it can to conserve that source of energy and nourishment, your excess fat.

However, your system can’t conserve energy indefinite. That’s why all of a sudden you may lose a couple of pounds overnight. But you get stuck at that new level. What’s happening is that your system can more easily maintain your weight (your stored energy “your fat”) now that your body is two pounds smaller.

Therefore, you are in for a crazy ride. Eventually, if you are persistent, you lose quite a bit of weight after this awful struggle. Now your appearance is closer to what you want.

Well, since you lost all that weight, you can now stop being hungry and you start to eat in your normal way. But then one fine day, you wake up to the fact that you have put all that weight back on again, and may be a few extra pounds for good measure.

Before you go out and do something drastic to hurt yourself, you need to know that there is another way, an easy non-starving way of losing weight, and keeping it off indefinitely.

To follow this other way, you have to do two things:

1. You have to eat more food! You can’t starve your body and expect to live like that indefinitely. It’s not healthy physically or mentally. You have to change your eating schedule to incorporate five to six small meals a day. You can bet you will never be hungry.

2. You have to learn that there are certain foods you can eat to your heart’s content, and that there are a few other foods that you have to avoid like the plague.

When you follow this eating plan, you will actually be re-training yourself to follow an eating schedule that will allow you first to painlessly lose all the weight you want, and then you will learn how to continue eating abundantly, but in a manner that will keep you from re-gaining all the weight you lost.

The changes are not really terribly dramatic, but they are different enough that they will constitute a new, permanent lifestyle change. It will be a pleasant and healthy lifestyle that you can pass on to family members and friends who will marvel at your new, slim and youthful appearance.

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