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Fun, Fast, Easy Way To Lose Weight

8/17 14:24:20

Do you find losing weight or dieting, for that matter, to be boring, unexciting? How do you approach boring and unexciting things? Do you enjoy doing them or find them a drag - things that should be avoided? What if you found a fast, easy way - lose weight and enjoy the process?

Simple Ways To Lose Weight

Losing weight does not need to be hard. The simpler you make things, the easier they will be to follow and the more fun you will have. Let's assume one principle SIMPLE = EASY. What are some simple ways to lose weight? Let's start from the time you wake up. As soon as you open your eyes, have 2 glasses of water with a twist of lemon in it. Simple? Check! Having water with lemon first thing in the morning will kick start your metabolism and help flush out (detox) the system of all the crap that gathered while you slept.

Chose a simple diet! If the process of preparing of food each day is going to be a long one, especially if you have to refer to manuals telling you what you can and cannot eat that day, that is not simple! You should not spend extra time on your meal preparations, after all, you are a busy person as it is, correct? In come meal replacement shakes. Not the kind that will replace every meal of the day, but ones that will give you a nutritious meal or two per day. Nothing simpler than that. Think about babies, they get their meal prepared from powder - all nutrients and vitamins they need to live and grow! Your meal can be as simple as that.

Same goes for exercise. Chose exercises that can be done quickly with maximum effect. No point going to the gym for 2 hours to find that you lost a quarter of a pound, which you will put back on once you have your meal upon returning. Would it not be better to lose half of that in 5 minutes and not have the urge to eat the whole fridge right after? There are intense exercises that can be done in minutes, like planks and kettlebell swings. Find the simple ways, lose weight and have fun doing so.

Fast, Easy Way - Lose Weight

SIMPLE = EASY = FAST. Now we added another ingredient. Fast! Don't expect miracles, but do notice the results. If what you are doing does not bring small effects in a week or two, then it will be discouraging and will not be fun. However, if you do notice the smallest changes fast, then you will enjoy it more and will continue doing what you started. Ensure that your diet meets all these criteria because when it is SIMPLE, EASY and FAST, it will be FUN as well!

If you need any help in finding fun, fast, easy way to lose weight, leave me a comment or click here for more ideas.

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