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The Foundation Of A Perfect Workout Routine

8/17 14:24:14

The Foundation Of A Perfect Workout Routine

The reason a lot of workout routines fail is that they focus too much on specifics and not enough on fundamentals. The foundation of a perfect workout routine is what you should put the most thought into as it is the starting point from which your training will branch off of. If it is poor, all of your progress will suffer until it is corrected. If it is great, even if you make mistakes down the road, your foundation will keep your from going too far astray. Here are the things you absolutely must consider before starting your training or that you should correct to get more progress.

Be realistic with your plans. Having a decent diet that you can stick with is worlds better than a perfect diet that you will have a relapse on later on. As you make progress you can start to get a little bit more strict but at the beginning you should only do what you can really see yourself doing for weeks, months, even years down the road!

Be consistent with both your training and your goals. You need to put in a consistent effort to make consistent progress. This is often the hardest part and most people fail at this and end up doing something different and winding up confused as to what their true goal is in the gym. If you do not have an unchanging goal, you will end up wandering through different workouts and routines chasing some vague sense of being "in shape" that you never really seem to reach. This is because you are not consistent with any one goal and make no great progress in just one direction. Always train with a purpose in mind!

Always seek improvement in every aspect of your training. By every aspect I mean increasing your reps/weight on every exercise, improving your mental toughness, always seeking to learn more, and always trying to grow as a person among many other things. Not only does this help you make quick progress; it creates benefits that will have far reaching effects in every aspect of your life!

Start with these three points to build the foundation of a perfect workout routine and you will find that everything just falls in to place. It does not matter whether your goal is to build muscle, lose fat, or prepare for an athletic event, these key points will make the difference between success and failure!

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