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Honest Weight Loss Product Reviews - Seriously?

8/17 14:24:04

Honest Weight Loss Product Reviews   -   Seriously?

Do you really think there are honest weight loss product reviews on the Web?

In a recent Google search there are about 80,000 results for the exact words "Weight Loss Product Reviews" The vast amount of these weight loss review websites are created to get the reader to read and respond to some sort of offer.

The main reason for these diet product review websites is to eventually sell you some sort of weight loss product either directly or indirectly (article that has links to a website that is selling directly) - you can be sure that the top rated weight loss product review websites are using some sort of sophisticated strategy to persuade you to act.

How to discern Fact from Fiction

The deference between fact and fiction is sometimes difficult to determine. I would suggest the following ways to tell the difference between embellishment, emphasis and flat-out fabrication.

Cite Sources - A website article that provides the source of its factual information is more believable than a site that simply makes statements as fact without any verification or supporting information. Key things to look for in sourced information is reliability and credibility.

Commingling of Facts and Fiction – Understand that some sophisticated websites will try to correlate factual information with works of fiction. For example there are sites that will emphasize that carbohydrates make you fat and that you should be eating some sort of low-fat-low-carb snacks to lose weight.

Look for the Magical solution - Everyone wants a magical solution to help them to loose weight, be very suspicious of popular weight loss supplements that offer the following:

  1. Take a pill while you sleep and by magic you loose weight
  2. Sprinkle some sort of fairy dust on your food and by magic you loose weight
  3. Put some sort of substance on your tongue and by magic you loose weight

Weight loss Product Marketing Strategies (John Carlton)

Jon Carlton has to be the the most respected & ripped-off copywriter alive – Google his blog for some creative insight, and other mutterings.

In a rare 1990s interview John talks about marketing in the weight loss industry. John talks about the extremes of the marketing appeal - from the cold hard reality all the way to the magical solution.

The Cold Hard Reality for a natural weight loss product would be “eat less, exercise til you drop, be patient, and lose your sedentary lifestyle.” - this type of marketing would yield a very low response rate if any at all.

The Magical Solution for a weight loss product would be “take a pill and go to bed, and you wake-up skinny” - this type of marketing would yield a very high response rate. There are lots of websites that say “Lose Weight While You Sleep”

John says that the goal of the savvy marketer is to get as close to the magical solution without being absurd.

Bottom Line

Look for weight loss websites that don't offer the magical solution or commingle facts and fiction. A good weight loss review would provide a source of its factual information.

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