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Seventeen Day Diet Review

8/17 14:23:42

Seventeen Day Diet Review

Since appearing on popular television shows in late 2010, the seventeen day diet has been on a roll, becoming one of the most popular diet plans in 2011 and still riding the wave of attention. The purpose of this article is to help clarify what this diet is and how it works for those interested in trying it.

Firstly, it is important to note that the seventeen day diet isn't actually a plan that takes 17 days to do. It actually takes 68 and the reason being is that it is divided into 4 cycles, each 17 days long. This is a common misconception about the diet plan, even it's author failed to mention.

But that doesn't mean it's a scam. The diet does stick to it's promise in helping those who try it lose 12 pounds in 17 days, but remember, since there are 4 cycles to this diet, it's not guaranteed you will actually lose 12 pounds every single 17 days on this plan. They results will vary, but you will see them.

So how does this diet work? Well the key to it is in a dieting trick that confuses your body and makes it burn more fat and keep metabolism high. This "trick" is known as "Metabolic confusion". It's also been called other things in the past, including calorie shifting and has also been used by other diet plans in the past. The point is that the seventeen day diet isn't the first of it's kind.

But even so, the diet still does work because metabolic confusion is a proven method of weight loss if done properly. Essentially the whole diet's concept is this: Every 17 days, your body "resets" itself and renews it's metabolic functions making them work at their prime again. For most people who continue eating the same way every 17 days, their metabolism does reset, but quickly adapts to the same eating routine. However this is where the seventeen day diet comes into play.

Every 17 days instead of eating the same way, the diet puts you on a completely different meal plan. This confuses the body which is expecting you to eat the same way and keep metabolism going in the same manner and that's when metabolic confusion hits!

When that happens, your body in order to stabilize itself, increases metabolism and fat burning and that's when you see the biggest weight loss results this diet promises. All in all, the seventeen day diet review is positive, not just by this author, but by those who try it as well.

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