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Proteins Increase Your Metabolism - Are You Using This For Weight Loss?

8/17 14:23:36

Proteins Increase Your Metabolism  -  Are You Using This For Weight Loss?

I always try to offer useful, reliable weight loss information in my articles and blog posts.

But today I had a rude awakening. I have royally screwed up!

I have been having a problem with my weight again lately, and today I got this flash of insight as to what I'm doing wrong.

Lost 75 Pounds in Less Than 6 Months

You see, over 7 years ago I lost 75 pounds in less than 6 months by following a special eating plan. It's very simple really. It consists of always eating a protein whenever you eat a carbohydrate.

By continuing to use this eating plan after I lost all that weight, I maintained my weight within 2 pounds of my target weight for 7 years.

Simple Concept

It's a simple concept, but as they say, "the devil is in the details." It's not really difficult, it just requires watchfulness, perseverance and some discipline.

About a year and a half ago, I went to visit my family in Southern Chile after an absence of many years.

It was a short visit, lasting only 8 or 9 days. During my visit I was treated to many dishes that do not fit within my fairly strict weight management eating plan.

I had a chance to sample many of my favorite dishes including steak, roast beef, duck, geese, and my favorite childhood German cake and kuchens.


I really didn't overeat during the trip, but what happened is that I lost the discipline to follow my "weight loss secret" that made it possible to lose over 75 pounds in less than 6 months, and I might add, without ever being hungry during that time.

When I arrived back home, I was no longer watchful over the food I ate. Over the past year, I discovered I gained over 15 pounds.

I've tried to shed this extra weight, but it hasn't been easy. No matter how hard I try, I don't have much success.

Some months ago, I started a new eating regimen that consists mostly of raw vegetables. I eat a huge green salad for my dinner, and raw vegetables and fruit several times a day.

Actually, I eat raw vegetables for snacks frequently through the day, as they are nutritious and low in calories.

In spite of this basically vegetarian fare, I've found it very hard to lose these extra 15 pounds of mostly body fat.

Metabolism Slowed Down

Getting back to my screw up, what I've just realized is that while my current eating regimen is pretty healthy, it has apparently slowed down my metabolism.

In other words, I have moved away from the basic "secret" of my successful weight loss plan... the built-in metabolism boost I got 3 times a day when I was eating lean proteins combined with slow burn carbohydrates like brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes and others.

Unhealthy Meat With Antibiotics And Growth Hormones

The reason I moved away from lean protein, which I got mostly from skinless chicken breast, is that I discovered that the reason the chicken meat had such an unpleasant soft, spongy texture, and bland taste was due to the antibiotics, growth hormones and unnatural fattening food that these birds are fed in their cramped feeder barns.

Aside from the weight loss issue, these chemically laden meats are a terrible health risk for all of us that consumed the stuff, especially as I did for 3 meals a day.

Speed Up Metabolism

So now I have re-awakened to the incredibly beneficial effect of eating healthy, lean protein to speed up my metabolism. Even though there is a moderate limit to how much your metabolism can be increased, I firmly believe that the weight loss impact is much greater than the experts admit.

The reason is that if you eat lean protein 3 times a day, you indefinitely increase your metabolic rate, so you are burning unwanted body fat 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Regular Exercise

If you reinforce the beneficial food choice effect with moderate, regular exercise, especially muscle mass building exercise, you have a powerful body fat burning machine you've set in motion.

If you do this over a few months, you WILL get lean. As a side benefit, you will get fit and healthy.

The only problem you will have is that you will attract unexpected attention from the opposite sex!

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