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How Does The HCG Diet Work?

8/17 14:23:31

How Does the HCG Diet Work?

What is HCG and how does the HCG diet work? HCG is a female hormone that is created when woman are pregnant. It allows the growing fetus the ability to use the mothers fat stores to grow, even when she can’t keep a meal down. That way the fetus can still be nourished. So, leave it to the brilliant scientists to figure out that we can extract this hormone and then inject it into people. Doing so will then aid in burning fat.

As I said, you can get injections, or take the safer route and use drops. The drops are placed under the tongue and are supposed to help in decreasing appetite. Along with the drops you eat only five hundred calories a day. The drops are supposed to signal your body to give up stored fat and the decrease in calories force your body to burn that stored fat off.

So how does the HCG diet work? Well, if you ask me it sounds like eating five hundred calories a day is a starvation diet! I think the cast aways on Survivor get more calories than that! This is the dumbest sounding diet I have ever heard of. People rant about how wonderful it is online.

Hey, I could create a “magic pill” and claim that if you take it, eat only five hundred calories a day, you’ll lose weight. And you know why it would work? Because eating those few calories forces your body to shed water so it can break down muscle tissue in order to get the needed glucose for the body to be able to function normally. After you have shed water and dense muscle mass, the scale will show weight loss. Goal accomplished!

But what about the effects of this diet? Well first off the FDA gave this diet a thumbs down on December sixth. They do not approve of this diet! So, if you are looking for confirmation from a reputable source, there you go! But what happens to people who still choose to try it?

  1. Weakness, malnutrition, and dizziness due to the severe lack of nutrition to support proper blood glucose levels
  2. Headaches
  3. Unhealthy weight loss that will return when eating starts back at a normal level
  4. Can prompt a tendency toward anorexia due to the strange eating habits of the diet if used over a long period of time.
  5. The diet will slow metabolism over time creating the opposite affect the dieter wanted.

So what do you have after the dieting stops? You have a smaller fatter version of yourself as the lean muscle mass you had will have decreased, and the fat will still be there. Water and dense muscle mass gone, leads to weight loss, but not the intended result.

People, the only smart and safe way to lose weight is to cut enough calories in a week to lose one to two pounds of weight in that time. That means approximately seven thousand calories cut or burned off in a week.

Burn thirty five hundred calories in exercise, and cut five hundred calories a day from a normal healthy eating plan, and you will have healthy permanent weight loss. You have to teach yourself how to eat for the rest of your life. Not some fad diet that gives temporary, and unhealthy, results that will in the long term actually do more harm than good. The weight did not come on all at once and it can’t be lost that way.

If you are looking for a healthy and effective way to lose weight for the New Year, do it the old fashioned way: eat healthy whole food meals, eat four to six smaller meals a day, exercise five days a week, have a cheat day, and learn how to control your body so that you know what it takes to safely lose one to two pounds a week. Then you will be on the right track!

As always, Franz wishes you vibrant health, and optimal nutrition, for the New Year!!

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