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The Law Of Attraction And Weight Loss - Why Positive Thinking Isnt Enough

8/17 14:23:28

The Law Of Attraction And Weight Loss   -   Why Positive Thinking Isnt Enough

When people think of combining the law of attraction and weight loss, they sometimes believe that positive thinking is enough but continue to eat and act in ways that don't support their body and wonder why they are not seeing results. For example, they may spend a lot of time practicing affirmations or meditation daily (2 great practices) but don't follow through with physical action e.g. they continue to eat past fullness and sit around watching TV all evening instead of moving their body.

For positive results, you need to combine thinking and action in a way that is in alignment with who you want to become. Simply wanting to become slim isn't enough for you to get real lasting results.

So how do you bring the two together?

The key to this is to not only bring your thoughts into alignment so that they create your inner desires and goals but also to bring your physical activity into alignment with these thoughts so that you start to create action.

You see once you have decided who you want to 'be' i.e. your future goal, you then have to take the relevant action that will get you there. Action is what brings the thoughts and desires into your reality to ultimately create the results that you want.

So, let's imagine that your goal is to be a certain size where you are comfortable in your clothes and you have tons of energy to get through your day. It is no good just wanting this, you also have to do something about it. This means imagining that you already are the person you desire to be and thinking about what the new slim you would do every day - that slim body and bags of energy isn't going to manifest out of thin air without some action on your part. This means that you start to 'act as if' you were already this new slim you by creating daily action that combines the law of attraction and weight loss to get you some real results. You may do things such as:

  • Listen to your body more so that you can eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full
  • Eat mindfully so that you really savour your food and know when you are satisfied
  • Notice foods that your body doesn't love and cut them out of your day to day meals
  • Take a daily walk in the fresh air to boost your energy
  • Enrol in a fun exercise class that increases your energy levels
  • Buy clothes that you feel great in now

...and the list goes on. You may have several things that you can think of incorporating into your day to combine your thoughts, desires and powerful action that gets you the results that you so deserve.

If you have been making a real conscious effort to combine the law of attraction and weight loss to boost your results then understanding the importance of incorporating physical action really will make all the difference and help you to become slim and healthy. So what action are you going to take today to bring this into your reality?

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