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How To Lose Inches Of Fat Now

8/17 14:23:07

In the world today and in certain quaters of our society today, we have entered, a phase or perhaps, have formed a habit of over eating.This habit of over eating is one, where we are going beyond our normal 3 meals a day. We seem to have developed an appetite for certain foods, that are not really good for us.These are foods that are high in fat,and calories. Sooner or later we have to realise that these are things we can do without, because all they accompolish is, that they put inches of fat on us and make us very unhealthy. Such a lifestyle where to gouge food at every given oppertunity has become the norm, there are bound to be big problems ahead. Because when we eat to much and we become obese we may suffer serious health problems, that result from our over indulgence in food.

So the question arises of how do we lose inches of fat now. Well we must remember that having to carry alot of fat around

we are certainly putting a great amonut of pressure on our heart. The extra inches and layers of fat that we have, make the heart work much harder to pump the blood around through the rest of our body. Excess of fatty deposits and cholesterol build up, acquired from years of unhealthy eating and a poor diet, exposes us to dangers such as heart disease and heart attacks.

The answer to the question of How to lose inches of fat now is really quite simple. One has to plan and plan thoroughly a method that will help lose inches of fat of the body. Exercising on a regular basis is a good solution that will help you lose inches of unwanted fat from your body. The type of exercise one should consider is something gentle to start with, something that will get us off the couch and moving. Brisk walking is a good form of exercise to start with. You could put it in your diary that you must brisk walk 2- 4 minutes everyday for 2 times a day everday for a month and see how you get on. Because once your body gets into a rythm of activity, it will enjoy that activity if it is fun and effective. Another little type of exercise you could do is to walk to work twice a week if thats possible , if not then do a 1 mile walk twice a week, it will get your body in motion, that will help you lose weight.

Another element we must not forget in our quest to lose inches of fat now, is the element of diet. Diet is, a very important part of the plan to lose weight. You must have a Diet plan in place to go with your exercise routine. What a diet plan will generaly consist of is, what you should eat for breakfast, what should be your dinner and, what should be your evening meal. A good diet plan will teach you what types of food you should eat and when you should eat them. A good diet plan will be a calculated, systematic method of helping you to change your eating habits for the better. So remember the key on how to lose inches of fat now and be healthy is that you should start today, start small but start now.

Author Bio: John Bond is a dedicated weight loss enthusiast and blogger,He is an expert in the field of weight loss, and health and fitness. To date he has helped many people achieve their goals and ambitions ,with his ability to help them plan prepare and take action to achieve their goals.

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