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Genetically Determined And Fitness Programs

8/17 14:23:00

Genetically Determined And Fitness Programs

The field of genetics is one of the miracle of human work in research. Whole human genome is explored beyond the imagination of an average human being. Every person on the earth has its own genetic makeup and carries his own combination of traits whether he will be obese in future or not, which component of immune system is deficient and lead to diseases.

Increase of prevalence of obesity in the modern world is just like if it is an epidemic. A common question people ask to their heath care professional is that "why I am obese while my friend using the same diet as me is quite lean''. With the advent of new pathways in genetics, now it is well known that it is largely due to unique genetic makeup. The same diet which provoke gain in weight in one individual will cause nothing in other. It is found that same diet and combination of exercises are not effective for all the individuals participating in weight loss programs. Geneticists found that, the diet plan and fitness program not only should be difficult for different individuals but also should be altered according to age group.

Salivary test which look at about 75 base pair in the DNA. By the help of this test scientist devised certain combinations of diet and exercises which are suitable for individuals. These combinations of exercise and diet are better in maintaining weight loss. Studies shows that by using these approaches in weight loss programs they are more effective than ever. So for, all this knowledge is limited to ongoing researches, still it is need to open more close door in this field. No perfect personalize diet is available but scientist are confident that in near future this concept will be practical. By the help of data available so for, dietitians do not advise simply eating 1300 calories of whatever food you want whether it is carrot or soft drink as these foods may have equal caloric value but do not have same nutritional value. These calories should be harvest from balanced combination of lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, protein like fish, legumes, fats like omega-3 fatty acids. This kind of diet is more likely to meet not only your nutritional needs but also keep person healthy.

By combining your bodies own nature tendencies with genetic information it is now easier to find successful ways to loose wight and keep it off.

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