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Losing Weight And Keeping It Off

8/17 14:22:56

Eating Healthier

A major part of any weight loss plan is to alter your diet to be healthier. Varying your diet to include more pasta, bread, fruit, vegetables and whole grain foods such as rice. These foods will make you feel fuller, meaning you are less likely to snack, and are lower in calories than processed or fatty and sugary foods. If you do feel the urge to snack in between meals, try to have fruit rather than chocolate or crisps, as high calorie snacks can contribute enormously to putting on weight in a regular diet, and a healthier choice here will help you greatly in losing weight and keeping it off .

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast really is an important meal; it gives you an energy boost to start the day off and get through to lunchtime, but also has other health benefits linked to it. Firstly, a healthy and filling breakfast will mean you are less likely to want to snack and are likely to eat less at lunchtime as you won’t have been famished all morning! Eating breakfast is also thought to stabilise your blood sugar levels, which means you should feel more energised and again less likely to snack, as blood sugar levels control your energy and appetite.

Being More Active

Exercising is a real key to losing weight, but doesn’t have to be a high impact activity such as going to the gym or running. Initially just finding ways to fit an extra walk or two into your average day will help a lot, as these will be calories burned that would otherwise not have been. Your early goal should be to make this a habit, so you don’t think of it as exercise but as a simple part of your daily routine. Of course if you have the time then taking up an active hobby or pursuit like swimming, dancing classes or a sport is an excellent way of making yourself happier and healthier by losing weight and keeping it off.

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