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Coctein - Coconut Water And Whey Protein Miracle

8/17 14:22:32

Coctein   -   Coconut Water And Whey Protein Miracle

So magic has happened. My favorite two miracle weight loss drinks have come together and I am so excited! Coconut water was what I would drink for hydration going into and after the gym workouts. It would hydrate me. Whey Protein is what I drank to remain lean and slim down rather then bulk up. One day I was reading Shape magazine and saw a picture of Cocotein and my mouth dropped! What is this? Well as I read I saw that it was a combination of coconut water and nutrients and whey protein. Two of my favorite things combined together!

I tried it and it was amazing. My body has never been in this great of shape. I continue to lose weight and stay hydrated. Coconut water has a unique taste so if this is your first time drinking Cocotein you may need an adjustment period but once you have sipped for a while you will quickly love it!

This is a short article but I wanted to share in my excitement on what Cocotein had to offer. America now a days are all about convenience and what is more convenient then this? I will say that it can be very expensive buying two of your favorite products separately. Coconut water in itself is 2.19 - 2.49 a box and whey protein by the bulk is about 29.99. Cocotein per bottle runs you the same price as a bottle of regular coconut water does. You will literally cut your cost by half!

When I would work out I was also always confused about whether to take whey protein before i worked out or after. I heard both ways. Well with Cocotein you can take it before or after! It is still absorbed into your body and continues to work as you indulge in it. I have cut out my old coconut water and whey protein to see they results of the Cocotein. I'm curious as to if I will lose more weight, or have a cleaner cut in my body. I know with the coconut base in the product that I will continue to be hydrated, my cholesterol will continue to be lowered, and my metabolism will remain in full gear! With whey protein though I'm sure it is different and reacts by how you work out.

I will post a new article on my results. I'm excited about this product and if you love coconut water and whey protein you should be too!

Click Here to read more on Cocotein and what it will do for you and your body!

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