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How Much Weight Can You Lose In Two Weeks?

8/17 14:22:24

How Much Weight Can You Lose In Two Weeks?

Exactly how much weight can you lose in two weeks? That depends on whether you mean total weight loss, safe weight loss or weight loss that is done however it gets done. Hey, there are some very insane ways to lose weight out there, so there may be incredible results, but you may not be a happy camper getting there and you certainly will not be happy once you are done. If you cannot stand or are hating the way you look at the end of the two weeks, do you count it as a success or a failure?

A better question is how much weight should you lose in two weeks. At the beginning of a weight loss program you might be able to lose a lot of weight very quickly. Most of this weight will technically be water weight, but the lower number on the scale can be a great ego and motivation boost. After a week or two, your weight loss will taper off and you will start losing weight at a much slower pace, often around one to two pounds per week. This is the number that most experts suggest that you aim for because it is safe and achievable without any major overhaul of your lifestyle including diet and exercise habits.

As you strive to improve the foods that you are eating, get better control of your portions and more variety for the produce that you are consuming, the weight loss will come. You may not see it right away but, you will be making serious changes in your health, food and body.

After you get your eating to a better place, you can work on adding more exercise as well. Exercise can be as simple as a walk in your neighborhood and building up as you get stronger and fitter. Some people may find that even a walk is difficult at first but keep at it and you will build more strength allowing you to do more and more. After walking becomes easy enough for you, your next step might be to try running at least for short distances. You might also add some strength training as well. Whether you are a man or woman, young or old, lifting weights is one of the best things that you can do for yourself.

Weight loss will become steady to a point, allowing you to lose weight each week until you plateau. No matter how careful you are with exercise and dieting, you will plateau and stop losing. All that you have to do is make some very simple adjustments with your calorie count or the type of exercise you are doing. Remember, as you lose weight you will have to dial down your daily calorie count. Once you have learned a routine, your body adapts to it. So, keep watching your calories and mixing it up and you will keep losing weight every week.

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