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The 7 - Minute Bodyweight Circuit Workout

8/17 14:22:19

The 7  -  Minute Bodyweight Circuit Workout

One thing many people struggle with when it comes to sticking with regular exercise is the time it takes to get round an exercise program, many workout programs will take you an hour plus, this is usually far too long for most people with there busy lives etc. A 7-minute bodyweight workout circuit could be the answer.

Start getting the '60-minute workout' mindset out of your head and start thinking on efficient workouts that produce results, this will mean you get your workout out of the way faster and get rid of the age old excuse or having no time.

To achieve this, you need to cut the fat so to speak and get rid of redundant exercises you don't really need to do. You are probably thinking to yourself that you need to do one exercise for your chest and another one for your shoulders and this and that, but ask yourself this, will these exercises really get you to your goal, or have you been convinced by every magazine and gym goer that you must do many individual exercises with 30+ total reps in order to achieve results?

Many people discount the advantages of bodyweight workouts, but they are super-effective, efficient and are dealt with quickly, in fact I am going to share with your a brilliant 7-minute bodyweight workout circuit that will burn fat and strip it off of you, burn calories and give your metabolism a shock, this can be done anywhere, at home or otherwise, no need for expensive machinery or free weights!

The Circuit

  1. 10 - 20 reps of Bodyweight Squats
  2. 10 - 20 reps of Pushups (do this on your knees if neccessary).
  3. 10 reps per leg of Reverse lunges.
  4. 30 second hold of the Plank.
  5. 10 - 20 reps of Close-grip pushup.
  6. 20 seconds per side of the Side plank.
  7. 10 reps a side for the Mountain climber.

Do the exercises with no rest in-between, rest a minute at the end of the 7-minute circuit then repeat an additional 2 times.

If you are more of a beginner then do fewer reps and take a longer break.

This is a very challenging circuit, especially for beginners, especially the last two exercises, I found myself on my knees twice exhausted before I could successfully complete the circuit, you should hopefully be able to finish the circuit 3 times in a row.

Get started now! Don't wait another minute, the sooner you get going the sooner you will start to see results, now this should make your workouts much more efficient plus no more annoying drives to the gym, combine this with eating properly and your on to a winner, the 7-minute bodyweight circuit workout will definitely help you achieve what your looking for.

There are many other bodyweight routines available out there, so seek them out and get started on your path to the body you want.



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